Sara’s Baby Shower

Quick health update: I called my OB to say, yo, I’m anemic, what should I take? They had the bitch from hell OB call me back (the one that told me to stay off the internet).

Bitch OB: Just take some iron twice a day.

Me: ok, any specific dosage?

Bitch OB: nope, just take it twice a day.

Me: Huhhh??

Bitch OB: Yeah well, there are so many different kinds and formulations that it’s impossible for me to say how much you should take.

Thanks for nothing lady! Could you be any LESS helpful??? How bout a recommendation, or a scrip for god’s sake? The irony of her saying to stay off the internet when she dispenses so freely of NON information.

The good news is that I switched my next appointment (May 14) from her to the one OB I like, the first one I saw at that practice who seems like the only through one. I’ll ask her about the repeat blood tests and also why she thinks my liver functions were so elevated.

God these people are taking years off my life!

On to happier things, like my friend Sara’s shower this weekend..

I got to hang with my two favorite little girls:

Baby Gemma with Mom Tracey

Baby Daphne on Auntie Amy’s lap

I must say that just GETTING to the shower was a huge struggle. I was the designated gift buyer for the gifts that me, Sarah and Tracey went in on because I live in suburbia, have a car, don’t yet have a baby and also get 10% off at Babies R Us.

My trip to BRU was rather eye opening. We bought Sara a diaper bag, a bumbo seat and a boppy off her registry. NONE of which could be wrapped in a reasonable way. The Bumbo seat came in an octagonal box. Have you ever tried to wrap anything that comes in an octagonal box?? I didn’t think so. The boppy is half moon shaped, soft and also very large. BRU didn’t have a gift box big enough for the diaper bag, so it was just a big PITA. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I just was buying one gift, because then I would have gotten one gift bag, but the large gift bags they have there are $6. I didn’t want to spend close to $20 on gift bags alone!

Oh, and did I mention that they don’t have baby shower cards at my BRU? WTF?

Then, I hit a ton of traffic heading into NYC. Then, I had a hard time parking near St. Marks (no surprise there) and finally finally found a spot with two hour meter parking, but it was .25 for 10 minutes. I have a ton of quarters in my car, but had taken Jeff’s car in, so had to put in the ones I had and walk in to the shower and declare “I need everyone’s quarters! (oh, and sorry I’m late)”

Wow, it seems like I can’t stop ranting lately. Sorry.

The good news is that we started painting the nursery Sunday! Hopefully we’ll finish up this week and I can post pics. Though it won’t be so exciting because the only nursery item we have is the glider. More on nursery items later..

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tryingin2007 says:

the staff at my ob’s office is the worst! if I didn’t adore my dr I would soooo fire them. they always tend to make things more difficult than they have to be and they’re rude. I’m sorry you have to deal with such idiots. I feel your pain.

ariana says:

Thanks for the advice ladies!

Mel, I’m going to check the SFL board to see if you’ve posted pics :)

Melanie says:

hey!! i’m catching up on your blog! I have my hands full with my baby girl… I also had to take iron while pregnant and took SlowFE. It’s supposed to be gentle on your stomach. It still constipated me, but wasn’t as bad as what I thought!

Farah says:

I don’t know if this will help at all but i am taking the SlowFE 90 tablets in a box.(
If you do not have gestational diabetes- i suggest taking with OJ in the AM and PM – *( this is what my dr’s ofice suggested to me)

BRu has no shower cards? that is a wtf?!?!

Yikes! Rant away! It DOES sound like your OB office is crazy. Hang in there. =)