Do you Ohdeedoh??

As a house blogger, I am of course a loyal reader of Apartment Therapy. As an expectant mom, I am an OBSESSED reader of Ohdeedoh, their kids and nursery spin off site.

One of my favorite features is the “nursery tours” in which they feature a different reader’s nursery and the reader details where they got each item etc.  like this one that features two items I’d been eyeing from walmart for quite some time, the Baby Mod ParkLane crib and dresser and the orchard bedding set:

It was also really interesting to see the bedding set in this room, because the colors are so much more lovely and subdued than in the picture up on the Walmart site:

Dontcha think?

The crazy thing is, the set is on clearance now for $39 from Walmart… so I bought them! Yes, I still want my Migi Pinwheel, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have an extra set right? The colors in this set obviously look great with the bluish/aquaish walls I have planned, so I just decided to get them. The shipping was only .97 cents, so that didn’t hurt either.

Ohdedoh is currently running a “Now You see it Now You Don’t” series of organization and storage tips that has given me some great ideas. One of my favorites so far is Sylvie’s storage baskets which is a colorful, cute and cheap way to hide baby’s toys:

On a side note, I LOVE those window treatments. I haven’t been able to find tie up shades like that with a blue ribbon, so far I’ve only seen these from Pottery Barn with a white ribbon that will fit our narrow (26″) window panels:

But they don’t look as flowy and beautiful as the ones in Sylvie’s room. If you’ve seen something like that please let me know!

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Morgan says:

There is also the blog that has really cool stuff. Mostly for older kids but still really cute and inspiring. Infact they are currently blogging about mobiles very similar to that whale one in your first picture.

Jill says:

I love that bedding and a 4 piece set at $39.00 you can’t beat that! What a steal! =)

ariana says:

I thought someone would suggest making them :) I’m so not good with those kinds of craft projects.. usually they end up half finished in a closet somewhere :) I was thinking more along the lines of replacing the white ribbon with a blue one rather than sewing on the seam etc.. but Katie, I’d LOVE too see yours! Maybe I’ll get inspired?

I remember seeing these in PBK a while ago. They seem to be gone, and from Ebay too. In fact, I despaired of even finding the white versions at all until I realized PB regular still had them (I wanted those for our dining room too!)

Farah says:

Oh I think all of that are just awesome ideas. I love that set you ordered

Beth says:

I LOVE those window treatments too, Ariana — I have been pondering buying them… but I’ve been hoping I’d be able to find a cheaper knockoff. Io, I can’t even sew a button on, so unfortunately, I’m stuck buying someone else’s work. I’ll be interested to see if anyone finds them elsewhere!

Katie says:

Either Pottery Barn Teen or Kids used to have those with colored ribbons. I couldn’t find them this morning. Maybe Ebay? I agree with Io… I did make some of my own and it was VERY simple. I just sewed a straight seam about 1/3 of the length from the top of a walmart curtain and laid the tops of the ribbons in the seam. Tie a bow, DONE!

Io says:

Not that you have tons of time, but those window treatments are the easiest thing in the world to make – it might take you 30 minutes per shade.