Happy Anniversary!

Its our 2 year anniversary today, and we’re doing it up right with a little trip to a Castle.  Luckily we have one right in our backyard in Westchester appropriately called “Castle on the Hudson.”

Its the sort of extravagant thing we never ever do, but since our first year anniversary consisted of a take out dinner we figured we are due for the splurge. At least my condition is an excellent excuse to forgo the Wine Pairing with Tasting menu (at $176 a person!) without looking cheap and choose instead the oh-so economical regular tasting menu (a more reasonable? $100 per person.)

Its jacket required for gentlemen, which clearly means I have to dress up too. None of my target-swimwear-as-maternity-clothes purchases will do for this occasion I’m afraid… What to wear??

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ariana says:

Thanks P!
I did dig something up… and the meal was amazing. We were lucky that our anniversary was on a Wednesday night because the jazz band they had playing was divine..such fun!

tryingin2007 says:

I’ve been there!!! it was a lovely meal!

happy anniversary ariana! you’ll look beautiful in whatever you find to wear.

ariana says:

Thanks Morgan,
I loved planning my wedding – don’t get me wrong, I stressed about every little detail so much its a miracle i didn’t explode, but the art deco theme was so much fun to work with..we were very lucky to have had the wedding we did. Even though I shudder to think of what we could have done with our house for that same money!! Still, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Ariella says:

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time!

Morgan says:

Congrats! I really love both of your blogs. I also did a bit of snooping at your wedding stuff, and you had the coolest wedding theme and all your little details (like the map and invite) were all so cool. I think you have a great eye. Anyway have fun at your castle!

ariana says:


Farah says:

Happy Anniversary!