Jeff Finally Felt the Baby Kick!

Yes, it was quite a milestone for us because like most expectant fathers, Jeff had been looking forward to this for a while…

Baby only started moving so that I could feel him consistently at around 19-20 weeks around the same time we had the big U/S.  Jeff had left town for a long business trip right after that, so I had hoped that by the time he got back he’d feel the wee one moving around in there.

After a few days and several attempts where baby was simply NOT cooperating, last night Jeff was finally at the right place on my belly at the right time because he felt a strong kick! It was so  exciting for both of us, I loved how his eyes lit up as if he’d realized concretely for the first time that yes, there really is a baby in there..

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ariana says:

Hi Axel, I have a registry, so it should be pretty easy I think!

Alexis says:

Girl! What are we going to buy for your shower?

ariana says:

Mel!!! Congratulations! Wow, what a little trickster surprising mommy three weeks early like’re right though, she’d have been a 10lber for sure if you’d gone all the way.

I want to see pics!

Melanie says:

aww that was one of my favorite pregnancy moments also!! btw, i had my baby last Tuesday! She came 3 weeks early, but she’s great. She was 7lbs 1oz, I can’t imagine how big she would have been if I had gone til my due date!

ariana says:

Oh yeah, Jeff often thinks he’s the coolest ;)

Melis, thank you for delurking! Big congratulations on your pregnancy.. when are you due??

Melis says:

Ok, I just had to say something… I first came across your Becoming Home blog a while back when I was “blog-browsing” one day. I got hooked on what you were doing in your home because my husband and I had too just bought our first house. Then I read about his blog and was hooked again because I was pregnant too after having 2 miscarriages.

So I’m coming out of lurker’s-ville to say hey and to let you know how excited I am for your husband to have felt your babe kicking. It’s my favorite part of pregnancy–feeling all that kicking and what-not. What a precious moment for the two of you! Congrats!


Farah says:

aww how cute – I know he thought that was the coolest! Grats to him