Baby Tees that Make Me Laugh

First of all, thank you all for your comments on the Big U/S results!

After the scan, things didn’t really go as I expected.. I guess I pictured some happy scene where Jeff and I find out what we are having, and then rush off to go shopping for cute little girl or boy items. What really happened is that we both rushed off to work where I had to prepare immediately for a meeting and then got home I kept asking Jeff if he was excited to be having a boy trying to gage his excitement level/reaction..

At first he didn’t say much, but then out of the blue, he started in on “his boy” this and “his boy” that.  Things like the bedding I had picked out wasn’t manly enough and that “his boy” was going to have sheets with footballs or trucks on it, and that “his boy” couldn’t go to Waldorf school because it would make him a “girly boy”. I knew he was partly joking, but I wasn’t sure how much.  This went on for a few hours and we went to sleep.

The next day, I was really upset about all of this until Jeff told me he was joking about the sheets, and that yes our boy can go to Waldorf School. But the compromise is that I have to let our son wear whatever Jeff picks out.  Hmmm, ok….

So the next thing I know Jeff is sending me pictures of things like this:

I mean, I’m ok with like cute skull prints, but this is a bit much. Plus, black for a baby??

So if I want my MiGi Pinwheel sheets, I’m going to have to “accidentally” spill bleach on keep my mouth shut about what crazy clothes Jeff buys for our son!

But, in the meantime, browsing around some of the better sites for cute baby rock tees and onesies I found a few that are so adorable I had to share:

From (also check out Baby Wit for some really cute rock tees).

Since we didn’t have time this week after work to do any really celebratory shopping, we’re going to go to Buy Buy Baby in Paramus tomorrow (I’ve never been before!) and maybe also babydepot because its right near by. Hopefully once we buy a few boy things it will seem more real.. right now I think we are still slightly in shock that we are having a son!

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tryingin2007 says:

I love those! I better not let b see the misfits onesie. he already wants to dress little one in nothing but black. nice.

Melanie says:

Don’t feel bad about Jeff’s reaction! I’m still getting: “my kid will never play in the NFL” from my hubby since it’s gonna be a girl! It’s never the perfect reaction :-)

ariana says:

Sara, that’s too funny! Thank god he already said I could get it so I definitely am. I could not find a single other boy bedding that I even liked that I thought he would think was “boy” enough, except maybe the zoo bedding from the target dwell line, but I like the pinwheel better! Did you get the Pinwheel too or Splash or one of the others?

Sara says:

Ok, so basically you and I have had the exact same conversations with our husbands…the bedding thing to be specific. But shhh, don’t tell mine that I bought the Migi stuff, because it is so darn perfect and I wasn’t finding much else that I loved. I found it in a local boutique so it made it super easy to justify the purchase. If you go for it, my bet is you’ll be really happy with it. I have mine hiding in the closet until just the right time :) So sneaky.

Farah says:

I like “thats how i roll!”

Too funny. Tell your hubster – Don’t forget dear heart its YOUR boy too… I felt like hte air was let out of hte balloon after we knew the dex. but once the “shopping” starts.. the excitement builds and builds.

Good luck to you

Claudia says:

Those are great. My personal favorite is one that says “nobody puts baby in the corner” ha ha!