Spring Maternity Clothes, A Virtual Fashion Show!

I used our upcoming trip to Miami as an excuse to get a big head start on my spring/summer maternity wardrobe. I didn’t have much of a choice really, with the exception of a skirt or two and a stray top, I have NO warm weather clothes that I can fit into anymore.

Last Sunday I spent 7 hours at the mall. I actually had sore muscles in my legs and feet that evening! Pre pregnancy I had a really hard time finding clothes that fit me because I had small boobs (A cup) , but wide shoulders and – thanks to years of weight lifting- a wide chest. That meant that a lot of tops that fit my shoulders and chest were saggy in the boob area. (I also had small hips and butt.) Ah, those were the days..

But anyway, my new large B/small C boob size has catapulted me into the range of the more average American woman I guess, because I had a much much easier time finding clothes to wear while pregnant than I ever did pre pregnancy – despite my large belly! And I have all the shopping bags to prove it.

I thought I’d share with you here some of the items I will be stuffing into my suitcase as I head towards Miami tomorrow.

Most of these items are from – believe it or not – the Target Swimwear section – I only had to supplement a little bit from the Old Navy maternity section, but I’ll get to that later.

From the Target Swimwear Cover Ups section:

Xhilaration Green Striped Pocket Dress – $16.99
I actually got this in an orangey pink color that isn’t shown online.

Merona Smocked Cover Up Dresses – $17.99.
They don’t advertise these as such, but they can be worn as a skirt or a dress! The shirred top part is super stretchy and fits very comfortably over a baby bump. Also, this picture is deceiving.. the green strap isn’t part of the dress, it must be part of a bathing suit the model is wearing underneath. The halter tie actually just comes as a little bow that allows you to tighten the shirred part of the dress around your boobs or your waist if you are wearing it as a skirt. I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be a halter tie when I bought this in the store! So basically you are getting three looks for the price of one.

Merona 4 in 1 Skirt Dress Cover Up (comes in other colors as well) – $17.99

This picture demonstrates the convertible skirt/dress much better. Its brilliant! This comes in many other colors, some of them very light, but because the rayon jersey fabric is so soft and light, its rather see through in the lighter colors which is why I chose it in brown. It’s super soft and comfy.

Merona Cover Up Crop Pant – $17.99
These are perhaps my favorite find.. they are sooo comfortable, and versatile as you can wear them on their own with a top or also underneath a short baby doll dress for extra leg coverage. The top is stretchy enough to work great with your bump, plus they can sit low on your hips just under your belly. I can see myself wearing these all summer long (I got them in medium for now, but also large for later in the summer in case I’m a house by then!)

I also got a another fab wrap dress from the swim cover up rack, but it isn’t on target’s website, so I can’t show you. So I’ll move onto swimwear..

Bathing Suits

Those two words are enough to strike fear into the heart of any woman, but with my new unfamiliar and lumpy body it was enough to give me heart palpitations. Lucky the tops all fit and looked nice, but it was the bottoms that made me want to shatter the dressing room mirrors. I didn’t want the maternity swim skirt look, and I certainly am not pulling off regular bikini bottoms, so I decided instead I’ll wear board shorts!

I found these more expensive ones at macy’s before I realized target also had some for half the price.. so of course I got both!

Roxy Board shorts, purchased from Macys – $34.

I already had a turqouise and a brown bikini top that I can wear these with, but I also got this cute halter swim top from target:

Mossimo Black Olive Halter Swim Top – $17.99

Here is the second set of swim shorts I got:

Xhilaration Black Boardshort – $14.99

I got these in a large so that they can sit low beneath my belly and also are much more baggy and less form fitting than they look on the the picture above!

OK, so now that I have most of my casual cruise/spring/summer wear courtesy of the Target swim section, lets move on to Old Navy where I scored the (slightly) more sophisticated pieces of my new wardrobe..

From the regular (non-maternity) section of Old Navy, I picked up this top:

Women’s Shirred Tube Top – $14.99 from Old Navy – also available in solid colors.

Not a maternity top, but there is lots of extra fabric in the stomach area and it works JUST as well if not better than the maternity version (that I also bought!) below:

Maternity Banded Tanks from Old Navy – $16.50
Its hard to tell from the picture, but this style looks really elegant and pretty, particularly when paired with pants and heels.

Speaking of pants, these are my new favorites:

Maternity Low-Rise Linen Pants from Old Navy – $32.50
I consider white linen pants a staple for a spring wardrobe, so I was SO excited to find a maternity version. These fit like a dream and just may be the only outfit that makes me look slender!

I also bought two other pairs of light weight pants that were on sale for $20 each, but they are not on the ON website.


I made a quick stop at Forever21, which, I must admit I have an entirely unhealthy attachment to for a 34 year old. They always have the cutest dresses, and fortunately the empire waisted style is perfect maternity wear. It was the end of the day or I probably would have stocked up more, but this is all I had energy for:

Crinkled Plaid Halter Dress – $24.80 at Forever21

Mimi Maternity

Now for my only purchase from a maternity shop, I got these Convertible cargo pants:

Under belly straight-leg twill convertable pant – $29.99 Mimi Maternity
I always had a pair of army green cargo short/pants in my spring wardrobe so jumped when I found these. I’m glad I only bought one item from a maternity store, because as you probably know their return policies SUCK.


I rounded out my purchases with a few accessories. (I found an adorable pair of flats at the Nine West Outlet, but I can’t find a picture of them online.)

If you haven’t seen the Javovich-Hawke stuff at target, it is probably my favorite GO designer stuff they’ve featured so far, but alas I can’t fit into any of it.. So I bought a purse instead!

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Cross-Dye Linen Tote Bag – Navy – $29.99
It’s much cuter in person. But my favorite thing about it is that the ring handles are big enough to fit over your shoulder, that and the fact that there is tons of room inside.

Lastly, I picked up this pair of flip-flops:

Mossimo® Gilda Wedge Sandals – $12.99
Nothing overly exciting, they just fill my two flip flop requirements: They are not flat (otherwise all my pants are too long) and the part that goes between your toes is soft, not plastic. Otherwise I find that it takes a long time for me to develop callouses to break them in and I end up in a lot of pain.

So that’s it, I don’t know if this has been helpful, but my hope is that I will have been able to spare you an hour or two of mall time! Also, I made a list of all the stuff I got at Target for easy browsing: http://www.target.com/lists/1CVI3ZDFIDXZI

Just keep in mind that everything that is on that list is a small by default, so don’t just add it to your cart without changing sizes if need be. Also, it says several of those items are unavailable online, but they were (obviously) available in the store.

Happy Spring!

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SUS says:


I need a swimwear coverup, however, it has to be of a soft net material so that my bikini would be visible.

Please respond asap

Kitty says:

I love you Ariana – I have a trip to Ibiza in 3 weeks and was starting to despair about the swimsuit situation – I was worried my National Geographic centrefold body would gross all my friends out. Sadly we don’t have Target in the UK – but I have a friend there who is shipping many of your recommendations to me. The swim shorts are a real boon! I just hope I’ve got my sizes right (you sound much slimmer of hip than I).
Thanks! I look forward to 3rd trimester tips.

Melanie says:

the secret fit belly is a really thin stretchy material. i’ve been wearing them down here in Florida every day, so if they’re not too hot and sweaty here, you shouldn’t have a problem with them either!!

ariana says:

Thanks Melanie! I think those cargo pants are “secret fit” which seemed cool, although the panel seemed like a synthetic material that might get really hot and sweaty. We’ll see!

Melanie says:

Cute stuff!!!! I have a recommendation for later on in your pregnancy. Motherhood makes these pants called “secret fit”. They are amazingly comfortable for the latter part of your pregnancy. You’ll find as you get bigger, the lower waisted stuff digs into your belly, but the secret fit is super stretchy and goes all the way to practically below your boobs! It sounds funny and looks funny at first, but I LIVE in them now!! I bought them in jeans, work pants, and skirts! Love ’em!