The Cutest Crib Bedding

I find most crib bedding too frilly, fussy or cutesy, and the modern designs that aren’t are usually too bold and busy. That is until I found what I think is the perfect marriage of sweet and elegant design:

Bana Fish Crib Bedding

MiGi “Pinwheel” Bedding and Accessories by Banana Fish. (Available at Target.)

In fact, I love everything about the way they styled this room, including the natural color crib and glider and even the aqua walls. I think I will have to shamelessly copy this whole look if we find out we are having a boy! (If its a girl, I have no idea, I still haven’t found any girl bedding I love.)

Not only is the bedding adorable, but the room accessories are great too, like this lamp:

Pinwheel Nursery Lamp

and this mobile:

seal mobile

If you’ve picked out your bedding already, I’d love to see it!

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alana powers says:

Just found this on ebay for #4!

ariana says:

Good points Lsa! It is a rather fab lamp isn’t it? I also love that chandelier, its so cool, but I don’t think its for sale :)

lsaspacey says:

I don’t see anything wrong with using that bedding for a girl. You might not want to put a boy in a pink room, but why can’t a girl have a baby-blue room? Most of us do as adults, at least more than would have a pink room, right?

Also, did anyone notice how cool that lamp is and that the only way you would find it is if you were looking for nursery stuff. Hmmphff! Thanks, Ariana for finding my new bedside lamp!

vivian says:

I love this beeding so chic and has such a clean feel to iy.
I wanted to tell you I love your blog, so informative and very thoughrough, i was wondering if you could and have the time to email me, i wanted to ask you some questions regarding TTC and since you are in the NY area, if you could provide some info on your doctors ect.
I would appreciate it very much!

Melanie says:

you’re SO right about the way they have the bedding sets in pictures. ours looks so crowded on the packaging, but they have it all crammed into one corner, whereas ours is spread out in the entire room and even looks a little bare!

Busted says:

We’ve picked ours – we’re doing the “Marissa” and “Polka Dot” bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, in bright green and bright pink (green for the boy, pink for the girl). The walls will be painted an apple green. I think I ended up going for a Lilly Pulitzer color scheme but light on the pink so it’s not too girly.

ariana says:

Ariella, the lambies are sooo cute!

Sara, wow that is a case of great minds! Congratulations on your boy, you must be so excited to finally know :) I love both surf & sand and lotus, tough decision. .. but if I had to vote for one or the other I’d go with Lotus I think. I like the quilt a little better. She shows it with a white crib sheet but I think it would look even more fab if you picked up one of the other colors like that light green. Isn’t it so amazing that you can get this handmade stuff for the same price as the mass produced products? I’ll say it again: thank god for Etsy!!

Sara says:

Great minds must think alike. I’ve been stalking her etsy shop for weeks, waiting until our big U/S to make a decision. Today was the day and it’s a boy! I’ve narrowed it down to two crib sets, Surf and Sand or Lotus.

ariana says:

Melanie, I don’t hate it at all! In fact I think its really cute. IMO one of the problems with the way most bedding is displayed is that they cram all the stuff that matches together in a small area so it looks busier than it actually would be in real life. Half the reason I like the bedding above is because of the room styling and I can’t seem to see past it in some other pictures.

Melanie says:

Ok, you’re probably going to hate mine cause it’s very “themey”, but I loved the butterflies and the purple goes so nicely with our cherry wood furniture! It’s Cocalo Sugar Plum

ariana says:

I agree Kate, I feel particularly lucky to be having a baby in the age of Etsy! This is going to be Monday’s post, but look what I found for girl bedding!!

Kate says:

You are so lucky to be having a baby right now! Two years ago affordable baby bedding meant Babies R Us and their ultra theme-y stuff. None of which I liked. I ended up having to go really plain with the bedding, which was fine. But this is so super cute. Maybe I’ll just have to have another….

Farah says:

The bedding in your post is beautiful – we ordered this bedding a week ago to see if we liked it. It’s an online exclusive only so hopefully, It’s the one:|42330|42341|42342

ariana says:

That IS cute Claudia, thanks for posting! I would love not to have to paint again.. but that would mean we’re having a girl because the nursery room is currently pink. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks, I can’t wait!!!

Claudia says:

I got the twinkle twinkle nursery bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. It goes with the colors in my son’s room (they’ll be in the same room for now), so I don’t need to paint again (and it’s unisex!)…AND it was on sale. Yay!