Fun with Gender Prediction

Someone posted on the second trimester message board on the nest today asking if this Chinese Gender Prediction Chart gave the correct sex of their babies (most of the women there have already had their “big” ultrasound where they find out the sex) and the overwhelming response was that is was correct!

Who would have thought a simple chart could be so accurate?

According to the chart, given that my Chinese age at the time of conception was 35 (34+9 months) and the month of conception was November, we will be having a boy.


My friend Alexis is also convinced we’re having a boy because she dreamed about him (before I conceived!) and claims to have had similar dreams for other friends that turned out to be accurate.

An internet psychic told me I was having a girl and that she’d be a lawyer.

Personally, I was CONVINCED it was a girl early on.. I think though its because I am one of two girls and my mom is one of two girls.. I just don’t think of boys when I think of family, but now I’m not so sure.

A girl would be easier from a lot of standpoints, not least of which is that the room that is destined to become the nursery is already pink! But also that we wouldn’t have to make a decision on the controversial circumsize/don’t circumsize issue..and also that all of the beautiful clothes my mom saved from me and my sister are obviously girl clothes.

A boy would be easier only because we already have a boy named picked out, Jack after my grandfather who I was really close to.

I don’t think I actually have a preference, we will of course be thrilled with whatever sex our child turns out to be, but it’s still fun to speculate. It passesĀ  some of the 6-7 more weeks time we have to wait until we will know for sure!

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ariana says:

Oh no Melanie, there you go blowing the theory :)

I know, I need to post a new belly pic. I’m embarrassed because I’m now up to 15 lbs gained! Grrr.

Melanie says:

The gender chart was wrong for me!! Before you have your big u/s you’ll have to post some new belly pics so we can guess!