Two bits of very good news!

I got the blood test portion of our NT screening back today and they were excellent!

Prior to testing, my risk for having a baby with Down’s was 1/307. After the scan, its is only now 1/6000.

For Trisomy 13 & 18 (which is often fatal for the baby) my risk prior to testing was 1/524, but after went down to 1/10000.

I am very happy that the results are positive, I only hope the false negative rate isn’t as dreadful as the false positive rate that seems to have caused so much concern for many people on message boards I frequent.

The other fabulous news is that I made my 10 gazzilionth call to Oxford to ask where the hell my money is half expecting another bogus denial. But guess what??¬† Its in accounts payable meaning THEY ARE ACTUALLY PAYING IT FINALLY!!!… a check will be cut this week and I should have it in my little hands by next week! YAY!!

Its like Christmas all over again :)

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ThereseAnn says:

This is wonderful news… enjoy your pregnancy.
You’ll be in our prayers
ThereseAnn mom to four beautiful kids and 3 heavenly angels.