Blood Tests and More Blood Tests..

This weekend I had an appointment with my local quest labs to get the “Ashkenazi Jewish” panel of genetic screening done. The fact that I am a full blooded Jew and that Jeff is 1/4 Jew necessitates all the extra screening. Apparently the chosen people are also chosen for a few more diseases than the rest of the population!

If I come back as a carrier for any of the 12 or so disorders that I was tested for then Jeff must be tested as well to see if he’s a carrier. Personally, I thought after all the poking and prodding I’ve endured in the effort to GET pregant that perhaps we could have done this the other way around and had HIM tested first, but I am a pro at having blood taken by now so I wasn’t too worried.. until I got there.

The phlebotomist took one look at my requisition forms and started counting off all of the vials she would need to draw and announced “17, wow, I’ve never taken that many at once before.”

Thanks, I feel much better now!

Its a good thing that pregnant women have more blood circulating than other people because by the last 4 or 5 vials my flow had slowed to a mere trickle. Now we just have to wait a few weeks for the results.

In the meantime..

I have my NT scan scheduled for this Friday, so as part of the whole screening procedure they must also analyze a blood sample.  This one I had the pleasure of having to do at home with a little “kit” that my OB gave me which consisted of a lancet to prick my finger, a couple of alcohol swabs and sterile gauze and an envelope with circles on it that I was supposed to “fill” with the blood from my finger.  Now if they can get all of that DNA from a stain of blood on a piece of paper, remind me again why I have to give 17 full vials for the other tests?

Anyway, I digress..

The whole process reminded me much of preparing and injecting myself with the Gonal-F, and I was rather nonchalant about the whole thing, after all, I am a pro at infertility injections, what is one little finger prick to me?


I actually GASPED when the little lancet thing wen’t into my finger.. and then I couldn’t seem to get enough blood to fill the circles (in only one drop at the insistance of the instructions) and then after that I couldn’t get the finger to STOP bleeding.

I’ll take injections over the finger pricks ANY day.

So anyway, after the whole thing was over I dropped the whole kit in the mail to the lab that analyzes the results and now we just wait for part two – the NT scan itself on Friday.

I wasn’t so worried about it until my a friend called me last night and filled me in on the nightmare he and his wife are going through after a less than positive NT scan result. The false positive rate is only purportedly 5%, but that is of little comfort if you are IN that 5%.. so while I’m very excited to get our first glimpse of the baby bopping around in there, I am of course nervous about that all important NF measurement. Now maybe more than ever.

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