Second Ultrasound, We Have a Heartbeat!

ultrasound at 6 weeks 1 day

Due to the spotting and cramping, I went in for my second ultrasound  yesterday instead of Thursday like I had planned. Blobby is doing great and Dr. K said there was lots of development.  I couldn’t tell at all (other than the fact that the sac was bigger) until he zoomed in and we saw a little flicker! He turned on the microphone on the ultrasound machine, but couldn’t hear the heartbeat yet.  He said by my next appointment on 12/27  we should be able to (cool!) He’ll also measure the CRL at that point and hopefully the BPM of the heartbeat which he didn’t this time.

Apparantly at 6 weeks the baby is the size of a sweetpea and is just beginning to sprout eyes, chin, nose and little webbed hands and feet.

Dr. K. said that after my next appointment he’d be releasing me to my OB. It’s weird to think that a week from Thursday will be my last early morning trek to Westchester.. its been such a routine part of my life for the last few months.  I think I will bring them a gift basket, the staff there has been so nice, and of course they got me PREGNANT so I owe them at least that!

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It's Lovely says:

Woohoo!!!!! Congratulations!!!! : )

Busted says:

Yay! I love ultrasound pics. A friend of mine and her husband called their daughter blobby throughout their pregnancy! Haha.

ariana says:

Hayley, Build a Bear, I NEVER would have thought of that! I totally plan on being one of those neurotic mom’s that rents a doppler, so I can defintely do something like that.

Melanie, I can’t wait for that.. Papaya, it seems like an eternity away!

Melanie says:

haha. it continues to look like an alien until about 12 weeks! if you go for the NT scan at 12 weeks, it’s SO cool cause it actually looks like a baby. i remember when i was a blueberry!! now i’m a Papaya! hehe

hayley says:

congrats, congrats, congrats! oh, phew! they kind of look like aliens for awhile…but at least its a BABY alien! :) seriously though, congrats, next time when you hear the heartbeat it will be glorious! our OB told us that a lot of people were bringing in little recorders from build-a-bear, recording the heartbeat when they play it for you, and then building a little bear for the baby. we did it, and my son still loves to hear his heartbeat from when he was “in mama’s belly”. :)

ariana says:

Melanie, it is isn’t it? I am already looking forward to blueberry next week!

Thanks Io, I was worried about that too – I am a bit of an alarmist! But yeah, a nose..supposedly. I mean when you look at that babystrology thing in my sidebar it still looks pretty much like an alien so I’m not sure what to believe ;)

Io says:

I’m so happy for you! Your last post I was worried that you’d go in and not see a heartbeat just because it was too early, not because anything was wrong. And a nose! Your baby has a nose! You are way knocked up!

Melanie says:

Yay for a heartbeat!!! It’s so fun to track what fruit or veggie the baby is each week :-)