The temple has been defiled..

So much for treating my body like a temple.. I have an incredible weakness for prosecco. Thanksgiving dinner I had at least two glasses.

Last night, the night after thanksgiving we drove my friend Amy home to Brooklyn and met some of our other friends out at a bar (the other friends are a pregnant couple natch.)

Unfortunately, the bar also served prosecco by the glass (which is fairly rare!) and I availed myself of two.

My reasoning? Other than a general lack of willpower was that the embryos, if there are any,  aren’t even out of the fallopian tubes yet. Also, what are the chances I’m actually pregnant anyway? Like 10%?

I know that the reason for not drinking is more of a holistic thing, its not because a glass or two of prosecco can actually hurt an embryo.. but its so hard to be that good all the time.

In other news, I continue to be completely grossed out by the progesterone suppositories.

Yesterday, (black Friday)  Amy and I went shopping most of the day and I was fine up until about 4pm, when like clockwork, the medicinal contents of the suppository finally give way to gravity. I wear a pantyliner because I know this is coming, but its still wet and uncomfortable and makes the 2ww just that much more endless and unbearable.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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ariana says:

Its awful.. but it seemed to have worked, so I guess I can’t complain!

How are your injections coming? What CD are you?

It's Lovely says:

I’m dying over this suppository thing, your sense of humor about it make me feel better though. : ) It’s definitely not something I’m looking forward to dealing with during a long work day. Ugh…
Crossing my fingers for you that this will be the time it worked. The temperature rise is a really good sign! Fingers crossed!!! : )