CD 14, where is my O?

Because things couldn’t possibly just go smoothly, I woke up this morning the day following my IUI expecting my BBT (basal body temperature) to be well above 98, which it always is after ovulation. But no, my temperature has DROPPED from the previous day to 97.5 or so. WTF?

Of course this sends me into a spiral of doubt, what if I didn’t actually ovulate yesterday the day of my “perfectly timed” IUI?

I am supposed to be taking progesterone thanks to last month’s 11 day LP so I was worried what might happen if I started taking progesterone if I potentially hadn’t Ovulated yet.

So I call a nurse at RMA.. she tells me its probably fine, that I most likely ovulated. I asked her if he would please confirm with Dr. K.

Later that afternoon she got back to me saying that Dr. K said if I want to come in for a p4 to confirm ovulation I could, and not to take the progesterone until I felt sure.

In the meantime, bundle of impatience that I am, I had already emailed Dr. K myself to ask him his opinion. Waiting for his response I felt some pretty sharp stabbing pains in my right ovary where I had the most follicles and I convince myself they are ovulation pains, 60 full hours after I took the trigger shot, not the 36-40 hours its supposed to be.

He reiterates that I can come in if I want to, but tells me that nothing is 100% sure in medicine, but the fact that someone will ovulate 36-40 hours after trigger if there are ANY mature follicles comes pretty close. So I can tell he thinks I’m worrying for nothing.

I just don’t get it though because last month my temperature went way up the day after trigger (too early really because an ultrasound showed I hadn’t ovulated as of the following day at the time of the IUI). Why this month had it still not gone up 2 days later?

I’ve decided that if my temp still aren’t up tomorrow I’ll go in for a p4 test or ultrasound to see what’s going on and have sex tonight just to make sure we don’t miss those eggs!

In my email to Dr. K I also attached a jpg of one of my HSG images showing him the polyp. He said it was hard for him to tell from that picture but his partner had also seen it on my ultrasounds and so it was most likely there and we should remove it if not PG this cycle. Nothing surprising there.

What was really bizarre was this sentence from his email:

“it probably looks as though there IS a polyp there, but for optimal visualization they needed to put some traction on your cervix and straighten the uterus”

I knew that my uterus was tilted because Dr . T had said the same thing at my consultation with him, but traction? On your cervix? Has a more painful sounding sentence ever been uttered?


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ariana says:

I know right? traction.. on cervix?? OUCH!

It's Lovely says:

I love how he says it like he’s putting something in the fridge. Jeez!!