CD 13, IUI

Today was our second IUI. As usual, I was expected to be in the office early with Jeff’s “sample.”

Because the Westchester branch of my clinic is closed on the weekends, I had to once again go into NYC for treatment. My appointment was for 9am, which means that the timing had to be perfect. The sperm must reach the clinic within an hour of “production” so poor Jeff had to be on a pretty strict schedule.

Let me just say that even though the extent of the man’s involvement in all this IF stuff is pretty limited, the pressure to produce on demand is pretty tough and I really sympathize. Ok, I’d rather orgasm into a cup than shoot myself up every night, but still, I can see that its a pretty stressful ordeal for him.

Luckily our timing was just right and by 8:03 am I was on my way into manhattan with the cup under my shirt to keep it at room temperature.

I got to the clinic which was PACKED and dropped off the sample and was told I’d have to wait 1.5 hours before they could actually do the IUI! At the Westchester office it took Dr. K like 20 minutes, so I wasn’t expecting to have to hang out there all morning. Luckily I had my Ipod and several episodes of Fresh Air kept me occupied.  The woman who took the sample told me I could go out for breakfast while I waited.  Pretty funny considering this is midtown manhattan at 9am. Trust me, there’s like nothing open in that area at that time on a Sunday.. I know because I used to work about a block away.

The IUI itself was pretty uneventful, though I must say the doc that did it was a little less gentle than Dr. K and had the spotting later that afternoon to prove it.

He said The post wash sperm count was 19million, which is pretty damn good. Anything over 10 million is good for an IUI, so hopefully the extra swimmers will compensate for the big old polyp they have to swim around. Go spermies go!

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ariana says:

Thanks P! I have my fingers crossed for you too :)

tryingin2007 says:

good luck with this IUI! I have my fingers crossed for you!