CD3. Waiting on Pins and Needles..

Had Cd3 ultrasound this morning. Dr K said both ovaries look “quiet” which is good, as opposed to say screaming loud ovaries, which I assume means I have no cysts. Forgot to ask him why my temps didn’t go down after AF, but whatever.

I haven’t gotten the blood work results back yet, but I’m really hoping my FSH level is low this month. I’ve been so good! No smoking, hardly any drinking, down to 1 cup of coffee a day, no diet coke and lots more water. Supposedly eggs take 3 months to develop, so most likely I won’t see the benefits of my new puritanical existence until after the new year, but a girl can dream.

So after the wanding (vag. ultrasound) and the b/w Dr. K asked if I wanted to start injectables.

“Yes please!”

Funny what this infertility stuff does to your brain. Its like living in some kind of alternate universe where self administered daily injections with constant monitoring is preferable to taking a little pill with a glass of water before bed.

But the sad fact is clomid is probably not going to cut it on my dusty old eggs… call in the big needles guns, these suckers need Gonal F!

He’s starting me on a low-ish dose which makes complete sense. The danger with injectables is that your ovaries can respond too well and you end up with 10 eggs and then have to cancel the IUI for fear of quintuplets. That would suck. The cancellation I mean.. I can’t imagine shooting myself up every night for a big fat chance at nothing. That would really make me seethe.

The good news is all the extra monitoring required on injectables means they can up or lower my dose depending on how I respond . Its also a good trial run to see how my body responds to real stims in case we’ll need to move on to IVF. That way whichever clinic is doing the IVF will know if I’m what they call a “poor responder” or not and have a better idea for what protocol to go with.

Of course I’m getting ahead of myself planning for IVF already, but hey, if it hasn’t happened by now I’m thinking I’ll probably end up needing all the advanced reproductive technological help I can get.

When I come home from work tomorrow I should have a nice big package of syringes and drug paraphernalia from the overnight fertility pharmacy waiting for me on the front porch. In the meantime I have a sample from Dr. Ks office that should last three days so tonight, let the games begin!

In other news..

Dr. K agreed that even with an ovidrel trigger an 11 day LP is too short, so with this cycle I’ll be on vaginal progesterone suppositories. Sounds simply delicious doesn’t it? (ewwwwww!)

This Just In:

CD3 bloodwork was “normal” and FSH was 7.69. Not great, but better than 11 and definitely a move in the right direction so let the injections begin!

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