I got my period yesterday.. just 12 days post IUI, which makes my luteal phase length 11. WTF? This was my first round of clomid (100mg) and I’ve always hear clomid was supposed to strengthen the LP. So needless to say I’m confused and upset in general, ONTOP of the usual devastation that comes with another failed cycle.

I had such high hopes for this one..

First of all, the IUI was on October 25th, which was the 5 year anniversary of the first time Jeff and I met (our first blind date!) Apparently infertility has no appreciation of symbolism.

Second of all, with the failure of this cycle  I must now change my insurance to a plan that covers IVF, which is fine (I’m grateful I have that option) except the new plan sucks for everything else. Its an HMO and I HATE having to get referrals. Plus, I have to switch clinics which I don’t mind because I’m not all to pleased with mine, but it’s still tricky to switch mid-cycle.

I was also really hoping to avoid having to get the dreaded HSG. No such luck, will have to go this cycle.

And lastly, yesterday before AF decided to show up, I tested on one of those CVS brand HPTs and I swear there was a faint second blue line there…! But like two seconds later I started bleeding so I didn’t even tell Jeff. No reason to get excited about what was clearly a false positive. Note to readers, stay away from CVS brand HPTs!

So anyway, now its CD2 and I haven’t the slightest idea what my RE has planned because he neglected to inform me at the end of last cycle. I guess he thinks I like surprises? Or scrambling around at the last second to get meds that I might need that very day? I suspect we’re moving on to injectables which is fine with me. Clomid isn’t great for high FSHers and anything that ups our chances is alright with me!

Baseline CD 3 results tomorrow..

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