Photoshop Tutorials

Maya Part I of III

Layer modes, adjustment layers

Maya Part II of III

Layer masking, sharpening

Maya Part III of III

Vignette effect

Eye Pop Tutorial

Using the High Pass Filter, Dodge & Sponge tools

Quick Photo Fix!

Three easy steps to insta photo fix: Screen layer, overlay layer and sharpening!


How to load them, run them and find them.

Black and White Conversions

Using gradients for black and White and also to add tone and contrast.

Texture Tutorial Part I

Adding a texture in Photoshop using the overlay layer mode and layer masking

Texture Tutorial Part II

Adding texture in Photoshop from Lightroom and returning to Lightroom (an example of Lightroom workflow into and out of photoshop)

Setting an Accurate White Balance

This tutorial uses threshold layers to find the white, black and gray points so that you can accurately set them in a curve adjustment layer. This will fix exposure, color cast and skin tones in particular.

Making a Gray Sky Blue in Photoshop

Using a color fill layer with a layer mask and the gradient tool to add a blue sky where there is a boring white/gray one!

A Peak into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

Using  Levels Adjustement Layers Selectively to improve certain areas in a photo. Also includes using the quick selection tool, the sponge tool to increase saturation, eye pop and sharpening!

How to brighten and/or add contrast without clipping highlights using a curves layer with the inverse of highlights selected and also using a selective color layer to intensify blacks.

Editing Newborns – includes how to set WB using a digital grey card, how to selectively brighten midtones and curves (while protecting highlights) and how to remove magenta from the newborn’s skin and also blemishes and blotches.

Skintones “By the Numbers” – until you train your eye to know correct skintones, editing by the CMYK values in the skin is the best way to get it right!

Photoshop Tutorial : How to Stretch the Canvas

Photoshop Friday: Using Channels for Correction and B&W Conversions

Photography Tutorials

Lenses – Understanding the Numbers Are you confused and/or overwhelmed by the collection of little numbers on your lens? If you don’t know a 50mm 1.8 from a 28-75mm 2.8 then this post is for you!

Using Your Camera’s Histogram Display learn how to read a rudimentary histogram and use your camera’s histogram display to ensure correct exposure.

Shooting in Manual Mode – say goodbye to program modes and learn how to use your camera’s light meter and shoot in manual mode!

Tips on Using a Speedlite (flash) – dragging the shutter and creating beautiful catchlights

Let’s Talk Focus : If you are  plagued by soft images, this post is for you!

Basic Photography “studio” set up (at home!)

Studio set up pullbacks

Why you need to calibrate your monitor

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