Jasper Recommends: Boogie Wipes

I’ve been meaning to extoll the virtues of Boogie Wipes for… almost a year now I think! I actually won them in a giveaway on Jill’s awesome blog. I have to admit, I was less than excited at first.. …

Making Bedtime More Cozy

Katie asked about the velour crib sheet I mentioned in passing in the Toddler’s and Blankets SOS. I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, so thanks Katie for the nudge!

Jasper used to always cry when …

Daddy SOS: Blankets for Toddlers?

Courtesy of Shane, our very first Daddy S.O.S!

It’s been one I’ve been wondering about for a while now too, so most likely you all have to at one point or another..

In Shane’s words:

I’ve been meaning to send

Fashion Friday: Something for Everyone

A few random fashion tidbits..

1) I am in LOVE with this Merona Collection 100% merino wool sweater I found at Target a few weeks ago.. I’d wear it every day if that wouldn’t be too bizarre. It is by …

Mommy SOS: Great Gifts for a One Year Old

I got this email over the weekend from Amy:

Message: Hello!  I’ve been stalking your blog for awhile now and I
love checking in on your adorable little family.  My daughter,
Cassidy, will be turning one in December and both …

Jasper Recommends: Nosefrida Snot Sucker

Here’s a product tip aimed at our moms of younger babies and moms to be:  With the arrival of fall also comes the snotty/stuffy nose that, at least in our house, seems to last straight until spring!  Last winter I …

Creative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder Review


As promised, here is my brief review of the new HD pocket camcorder I ordered a few weeks ago when Amazon had it as the gold box deal for just $130 (the current price fluctuates daily, but as of this …

Father’s Day in Pictures

The pictures are much better than the reality.  I can’t really get into it, but let’s just say that I shouldn’t be surprised after my horrible mother’s day that father’s day would be similarly crappy, particularly given the state of …

Jasper Recommends : Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

This is a product recommendation, giveaway and autobiography all in one, so please have patience, I will eventually get to the point!

The thing is, I LOVE Weleda baby products. They are so fabulous that I would love and recommend …

Simple Solutions :Toy Storage

ikea hamper toy storage solution

Ikea FYLLEN hamper – $9.99

It’s cheap, collapsible and holds a TON of toys (ours has long since been full). But the best part is that you can easily see what’s at the bottom!

And while you’re there, here are …