Happy 22 months Sasha & Willow!

It’s been three months since your last “birthday” post which means I have a LOT of images to post from the last three months!  You have grown up so much this summer, speaking in complete sentences, suddenly I have two little people to converse with, by entertained by and do the bidding of every day!  Hearing you talk is just the cutest sweetest thing, and also such a relief that you can ask for exactly what you want instead of us trying to guess.

Not only do you talk, but you love to sing! Currently your favorite is Let it Go from frozen, but you also love Itsy Bitsy Little Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row your Boat and Rockabye baby (which you like to sing to dolls and animals by rocking them.   You also have conversations together when you think no one else is watching, and you’ll play little games like “Peekaboo” “This little Piggy,” crawling around like crabs on the floor, or your absolute favorite which is Ring Around the Rosy!

Other things you love are sitting in Daddy’s lap while he plays guitar, swimming (particularly Sasha who is my little fishy!) reading books, going to school and ANYTHING that has to do with dress up and/or accessories. These include putting on whatever shoes you might find available regardless of gender or size, capes (you run around the couch in circles saying “Super girl!”) sunglasses and hairbows.

I’ll let your breathtaking cuteness speak for itself:



















Something else incredibly special happened in June, you got to meet your Auntie Roxy and Uncle Adam for the very first time!  Of course you were both completely smitten, Sasha you in particular – which doesn’t surprise me because you remind me of her in so many ways!


You particularly loved cuddling up with her under blankies….





Having Aunty Roxy visit made that whole week completely magical, we all can’t wait to see her again!




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