She Really is a Superhero



I just had to commemorate two firsts today, the first time Sasha spontaneously said “I love you Mommy!” to me,  what an amazing feeling!

She’s already extremely precocious verbally (well, many things actually) but the last two days there’s been even more of an advance.  Yesterday she started saying things like “I want it” and “I like it” when talking about something.  And then, this morning she went over to the window to look out to the pool and told me that she wanted to swim. When I told her no pool today she said “Please??”

I know it doesn’t SOUND like much, but what is was is that we had a conversation.  In other words previously she may have just cried when I told her no, or repeated herself more loudly or emphatically (or with tears!) but today it was a plea, an answer to my no.   I know it’s just the first of a billion more pleaaaaaaseee momeeeees to come, but it was so surprising coming from this tiny toddler.

I often think of that Shakespeare quote:  “Though she be but little she is fierce” when I think of Sasha. That or a superhero, which she fittingly donned the costume of yesterday after her brother had discarded it on the floor.  Did the fact that it’s a size 4T deter her? Not one bit!

Shine on my little Sasha Star!

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