Happy 19 months Sasha & Willow!

Dear baby girls, so much has changed in the last few months. After the longest most depressing winter ever, spring is finally in the air (thank GOD!) and you both LOVE to go”ousside” and play on the deck in your toy house:


You even got to go to big brother’s first soccer practice of the season…it was a bit hard for you to understand why you couldn’t run around picking up anyone’s soccer ball mid-game, but we still had a blast..




All tired out from all that running around!

Willow your hair is long enough that you can now wear the world’s tinyest and cutest pony tail!


It changes your whole face!  Somehow you even look like you have these cute side swept audrey hepburnesque bangs:


Even though the warmer weather is here, you still love to put on hats..



and any other accessories actually, including big brother’s shoes!


Speaking of big brother… how much you both love him! Even though for some strange reason you refuse to let him hug you. But Sasha you will cry if he leaves the room, or if you see him out on the playground at daycare but can’t get to him because you are in separate sections of the yard.

And speaking of daycare, you both just transitioned to the toddler room (sniff!) I can’t believe how fast it went by. It seems that you are adjusting quite well to your new environment despite the huge change.  So many new friends, activities and toys explore… your new teacher Carol has already remarked on how sweet it is that Sasha you will bring toys and food or anything to Willow to make her feel better when she is crying. When you aren’t torturing her by hitting her on the head with the nearest object, or sitting on top of her you really ARE very sweet to her:

Yesterday we were reading books together, both of you on mommy’s lap and Sasha you just reached around Willow’s back to hug her close and put your head down on her shoulder. It was the sweetest thing ever.

It’s so much fun now that you are both so verbal (regularly putting together 2-3 word sentences) so that you can make your wants known but also so you can express your love for eachother as Sasha you regularly do by saying “Yaya kiss!” or “Jasper kiss” when you want to kiss your siblings.  Strangely you say kiss almost exactly how you say cheese (Chissss), so it sometimes takes me a minute to realize what you are asking for, and then my heart melts into a great big puddle.

Love you girls so much!!!



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GiGi says:

AWWW! They are growing so fast! So precious. :+)

Nina says:

I can’t believe they 19 months already! Darling girls.