Happy 17 months Sasha & Willow!


Dear girls, somehow another two months has flown by and you just turned 17 months, which means you are just a month shy of 1.5 years.  Something happened in the last two months and we’ve turned the corner into the most delicious era of babyhood.  Perhaps because both of you finally cut all four of those evil molars and (perhaps not coincidentally) started finally sleeping through the whole night.. or maybe because this is just that sweet spot before the terrible twos but after language has been adequately developed for you to make your wants known. Whatever the reason I am just SOAKING you both in.


Our days are filled with cuddles, books (LOTS OF BOOKS!) stuffed animals, hats, new words (more on that later) food and two days a week school which you LOVE and anticipate greatly!  In fact every time I put your hats and sweaters on you both say “school!” and get so excited!

You both have so many words you pretty much say everything and anything that you hear you just add it right to your vocabulary! If I had to guess I’d say you both know at least 100 words.  Most you say correctly (the unremarkable ones) and others you have persistent wrong pronunciations that no one has the heart to correct. Like “Yaku” for crackers or “yaks” for socks or “yets” for dress.


Sasha you have recently even started stringing words together to form rudimentary sentences like “Sasha go.”

I love how even though you both can say each others’ names you still refer to each other as Yaya (Sasha) and Yayu (Willow)… someday I expect we will all watch the Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood and I will remind you of your old names for each other!


I love how your bond is already so strong as I am reminded of every morning when Sasha you wake up first and then I hear you call to Willow (Yayuuuu…”) at first quietly, and then increasingly more insistent and louder until you wake her up and I hear you both giggling together.

Speaking of giggling, there is a lot of it going on during your first bath together:

Oh how sweet you both are, I just want to freeze this moment in time so badly. Even Jasper gets upset that you are growing up so fast! In fact, next month you start your transition out of the infant room and into the toddler room at “school” (daycare).    Life with you two and your brother is so crazy, and wonderful, and hectic, and amazing, and exhausting.  But not a day goes by when I don’t wonder how we ever lived without the joy you bring to our lives.



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omg, I just realised I wrote the same comment as above. did NOT read it beforehand, haha

They could NOT be any cuter! And I am learning, since having my daughter, that little girl laughs are so different than little boys’!

jbhat says:

They could not be any cuter, smarter or sweeter. Lucky mommy!!

Someone looks a lot like her brother, too. So adorable!


Beautiful! I can’t wait to see them again. The story of them waking up in the morning is so precious.