Happy 1st Birthday Sasha & Willow!

My dear, sweet girls.. one year ago today, early in the morning – before dawn – your father and I drove nervously to the hospital. We didn’t know exactly what to expect except we both knew our lives were about to change forever.   If I’m to be perfectly honest with you, I expended so much energy worrying about how we were ever going to take care of not one but TWO newborns that the emotions that flooded over me once you were born took me completely by surprise. You were here, finally here – and you were both so perfect and beautiful and meeting you that morning was one of the three happiest moments of my life.

And now, just one year later I can’t remember how we ever felt complete as a family without you both..the idea of having just ONE of you is incomprehensible.  Like two sides of a precious coin, you are so different from each other but somehow make up a whole that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Our girls.


Sasha Star.. little did we know how prophetic your name would be. You are like a star in everything you do. Bright, charismatic, adventurous.. you enchant all that you meet in an instant.  You have been a social butterfly since the day you learned to smile -at a restaurant you have to turn around and look at EVERYONE in the face until they notice you, and god help us all if you don’t get the attention you seek!   Not just a pretty face, you are so very clever – nothing escapes your notice or seems out of your grasp to figure out.    And you are delightfully playful as well – you love nothing more than to rough house with your daddy and brother, getting right in there with them, perhaps even able to take them down if you so desired!


Willow Rose.. you completely embody the sweetness of your middle name. I have never met a calmer, sweeter, more patient or gentle-natured baby.  And I certainly didn’t expect to be lucky enough to call such a baby my daughter!  Your ability to simply melt into the arms of whoever is lucky enough to be holding you and cuddle there – it’s remarkable.  Just being in your presence is soothing – if we could bottle your essence I’m pretty sure we could achieve world peace!  I love how you do everything your own little Willow way on your own Willow time – which is when you are good and ready and not a moment sooner.

A friend asked me how my heart doesn’t simply burst out of my chest everyday from the joy of you both – and the answer is that it does. Not a day goes by when I don’t think how lucky, how incredibly doubly blessed we are. Perhaps because I know you are my last children, I savor these last moments of your babyhood in ways that I might not otherwise..with your brother it seemed that we were always looking ahead to the next milestone as each was new to all of us. With you two, each milestone I know will also be the last for all of us, and it’s all the more bittersweet. I don’t begrudge you your achievements – but I do wish I could freeze this moment in time just a little bit longer!

But I cannot, and so I can only steal as many hugs and cuddles and sweet kisses as you will allow, and look forward to the joy of watching your language and personalities emerge and take shape this second year.

Happy birthday to my two most beautiful girls – thank you for making me feel like the luckiest mother alive!

xoxo, Mommy.

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