Happy Fifth Birthday Jasper!


My Dear sweet Jasper,

Yesterday you turned five. FIVE! How did this happen? In some ways I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital and in other ways it feels like it’s been you me and your daddy for so long already that I can’t imagine or remember a time before you!

This year has brought more change to our family than any other year before and possibly after… with the addition of your sisters or “your babies” as you like to call them, it seems that life as we knew it has been completely turned on it’s head.  Despite our concerns that you might have difficulty adjusting to our new family dynamics you have managed to take it all in stride. In fact you greatly relish your role as big brother and often defend your sisters indignantly if daddy or I tease them about anything (“Don’t say that mommy, my sister is NOT a nightmare!”)

Four was a threshold year.. one that you entered at the tail-end of toddlerhood and exited as a fully fledged “kid” with all the requisite behavior and attitude (and a good deal of goofiness) that that entails!

And while I won’t lie and say I don’t dearly miss the little curly headed chubby armed toddler you used to be, I am so happy to be getting to know you in a completely different way as your personality, likes and dislikes, fears, imagination and talents unfold before our eyes.

Mostly I feel proud of your kind and generous heart. The way you try to give pieces of your coveted pirates treasure away to your best friends. Or the way you offered the prize you won at the carnival to your friend who was crying because he hadn’t won – without hesitation.

You have a philosopher’s mind, often asking me things like: “What controls the world?” and “Who made the first roads?” If I answer “people” you ask me who made the first people!

This year you have emerged from your shell in so many ways, much less shy and inhibited.  While it still takes you a while to warm up in certain situations, you will talk to ANYONE when we are out shopping or in public!  And you adjust to new situations with so much more ease.. like how you started playing in a soccer league (and you are great at it!) and how you jumped right on that schoolbus the first day of camp and went somewhere you’d never been before. So brave and grown up.

The morning of your birthday we cuddled in bed and I said with a little sadness in my voice that I couldn’t believe my boy was five… you asked with great concern if this made me sad.  I told you that what made me sad was that someday you wouldn’t want to cuddle with me that way anymore, to which you indignantly stated that you would ALWAYS want to cuddle with me and pulled me closer.  I told you that I’d remind you that you said that one day and you told me not to tell you that you wouldn’t want to cuddle someday because it was making you sad. So I stopped and just enjoyed the closeness without words… Until one minute later when you asked me if I could please take my arm away from from around you!  It’s a perfect metaphor for what it’s like being you rmommy right now. But I wouldn’t change any of it!

Your daddy and sisters and I love you so very much, I hope that you know that always.



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GiGi says:

happy 5th to your amazing big boy! may this next year be one of new adventures and growth for him and for the rest of you as well. (((HUGS))) Mommy.

Sarah says:

What a sweet and lovely note! I teared up because my son Finn will be five in a month and a half and I feel the same way about the hugs! I’m asking for them more all the time now, it seems, because I’m fearing they may be harder to get someday soon.

Happy Belated Birthday to Jasper. He’s looking very handsome these days!

jbhat says:

I was hoping to read your birthday letter soon. It’s just beautiful. Happy birthday to Jasper. I thought of you as we celebrated Stella’s same day 4th birthday this year.

Our eldest is a sweet boy very similar to Jasper, based on what you’ve described. At 8 and a half, he is almost more cuddly than ever, so you have a few more years of snuggles with your kiddo. :)