Happy 10 months Sasha & Willow!


If you girls are paying attention, you might notice that I did not post a 9 month letter.   I’m so sorry about that, life with you girls is so hectic that it’s easy to let even a whole month slip by, particularly since you started teething!

You both were late to the teething game, but have made up for lost time with a vengeance. Willow you got your two bottom little teethies first, seemingly overnight:


Sasha you caught up 3 weeks or so later getting the same two bottom teeth just as we were headed out to our family vacation to the Outer Banks (more on that later!)

In fact, these past two months have been full of milestones of all kinds…including Raspberries:



And most recently, kissing!

As for the big milestones, Sasha you just started crawling!  Not a military crawl like your big brother did, but a proper up on all fours crawling. You are getting faster, but it was fun to watch your early tentative attempts that resembled shuffling on your knees – mostly because it’s so unlike you to do ANYTHING tentatively.

You are also pulling up on anything you can, though I seem to be your favorite thing to climb all over. And your sister too if I’m not careful!

Willow, where your sister has mastered gross motor skills at a faster pace, you truly excel at the fine motor skills like your superb mastery of the pincer grasp. You can find and pick the tiniest of things between your two little fingers and can motor through puffs like nobody’s business! You also mastered the skill of drinking water with a straw sippy cup with no instruction.

And your relationship continues to develop, nothing makes me happier than to watch you giggling with each other and trying to communicate in any way you can figure out how to, even if it’s just copying each others screeches:

When I think about how close to 1 year old you are It makes my heart skip a beat – with each milestone and stage I know it will be the last time we experience it, which is sometimes met with a sigh of relief, but also often with one of sorrow at how fast the months fly by…


Your mommy




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Mel says:

Just came across your blog and thought your babies are just adorable! Clicky girls!

pam says:

dear god, they are cute. i soooooo love that age. gah!

ariana says:

Thank you Pam!! I’ve been enjoying it to, minus the teething :)