Happy 8 months Sasha & Willow!


My dear sweet girls.. how did you get to be 8 months old already? This age is just so fun and sweet that (minus that sleep deprivation) I would seriously consider freezing time if I could.   I love watching your skills and personalities develop.

Sasha you are a CHAMPION jumper. You could bounce the whole day away in the jumperoo if we let you.  Not just dangling with an occasional jump, I mean jumping at full speed.  More recently, you learned how to clap and now you clap ALL the time. It’s really so sweet!


Willow, you have started babbling in earnest this month – now saying Daddadadda and mammmama and most recently you discovered how to make raspberry sounds!  And as always you are sweet and smiley and a joy to be around:


But there’s nothing that I love more than when you babble to each other.. speaking a language only the two of you can understand..


Oh the secrets  you will share someday..


Your 8 month birthday just so happened to correspond with your first time swimming!  You both took to it in ways that befit your personalities perfectly. Sasha, you swam and flapped and kicked your legs and smiled:


And Willow, after the initial shock of the temperature wore off you promptly put your head down on your outstretched arm and proceeded to nod off as you floated. It is truly amazing how you can manage to find a way to recline in any situation!


And here I am in my “Is-it-pinup-or-just-gramma-style” swimsuit, with my two beautiful girls and their little swim pods – it was a happy moment (thanks to Ami for snapping pictures of the three of us together!)


I feel like you are both on the verge of SO MUCH right now.. your random mammas and dadadadas seem to correspond to the actual person in  your presence – it is starting to feel more and more like you are talking and not just babbling! I am simultaneously excited and terrified at the new mobility that is just around the corner for you.  For right now, I’m trying to enjoy every last minute of the sitting but not yet moving stage.. which isn’t hard when you look this cute!


I’m so excited by the arrival of summer, and sharing the way our home feels like a vacation house every weekend..with friends, BBQs, swimming -we all love you so very much and can’t wait to share all the summer fun with you both!


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Fiona says:

You look amazing Ariana!

Beautiful family!

Nanette says:

That giggly pic of them in the field? I. DIE.

And I think I have that same suit, in the same color, too.

pam says:

gaah! i need to have twin girls.

and i think i got almost that same bathing suit. different color.

Kate says:

Nevermind the adorable twins, look at what a skinny bitch you are!! Seriously, one sexy twin mama! I’m 38 weeks pregnant with #2 and the size of my living room. to make matters more interesting, I have swollen alien feet this time around. Hope I can also look good in a swimsuit in 8 months!

jbhat says:

(totally pinup!)

They are PRECIOUS! omg, seriously. And yes, 8 months is an adorable stage.

Love these pics!