Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you all had a fantastic mother’s day. I’m happy to report that my guys went to great lengths to ensure that I had a wonderful day.

The festivities started off Friday afternoon at the Mother’s Day tea at Daycare. I have to say, the teachers really outdid themselves with craft projects this year. Preschool crafts make me all teary, they are just the sweetest things! I love my flower, mamapiller, card and silhouette I got from Jasper:

Inside of card

And these adorable handprints in frames from the girls!

Then when Mother’s Day Sunday rolled around I got to sleep until 8:15!!! I can’t even tell you how luxurious that felt.

We all had breakfast and Jeff & Jasper went off to soccer practice during which time the girls took a nice long nap which gave me some much needed photo editing time on my computer.

When Jeff and Jasper got home, Jeff hinted that maybe I should go “clean the kitchen” so they could “clean the living room”. As Jeff was setting up my gifts, Jasper would keep coming into the kitchen and give me a report on how clean the living room was and if I could come in yet or not.. it was so cute to see him trying so hard to keep up a ruse, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be complicit in anything like that before!

Finally when the living room was “clean” I walked in to find the most beautiful cards, flowers and gifts! I got the weights AND the tripod I asked for. Such a lucky mama!

Next, we headed out to meet my parents for a wonderful lunch at a new restaurant in town that has been getting rave reviews and I was dying to try. As you might imagine, I was a bit worried that the girls would make our dining experience anything but relaxing..or worse, that they would ruin everyone ELSE’S dining experience. But once again, they completely surprised us by being so well behaved that almost every employee at the restaurant stopped to tell us how delightful our babies are! They sat in their stroller and chewed on breadsticks for the better part of 45 minutes and promptly fell asleep.

This is the sort of behavior that I used to marvel at in other people’s babies and just shake my head.. I remember years ago at Jasper’s gymboree class when moms would bring their second 6 month old babies in who would contentedly play in their car-seats for an hour and just wonder what it would be like to have such an easy going baby.. and now I have not only one but TWO! It’s such a blessing.

The food at the restaurant lived up to expectations and was delicious –  and the white rose they gave every mother was a really nice touch!

After lunch my mom and I went to go get pedicures to continue our luxurious day of relaxation.. (during which time the twins apparently made up for lost time with their fussing!)

Speaking of fussing, Sasha has been “talking” a lot as of late. She started with Dadada, which, as Jeff pointed out can sound quite accusatory when whined. But that was NOTHING compared to her recently acquired ability to say mama:

When I tried to teach her how to say mama, this is DEFINITELY not what I had in mind!

The only thing missing from the day was that I didn’t get to put my new tripod to good use and get a family photo – between all the naps and events we just didn’t have time. I’m hoping that Jeff will indulge me for a few minutes at some point next weekend because that is what I would love more than anything else to remember how full my heart was being the mom of THREE for the first time this mother’s day.


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