Adobe Mother’s Day Discounts

If you are a photographer, you’d have to be living in a black hole not to have heard about Adobe’s bombshell announcement that the CS products will no longer be sold as boxed items as they will ONLY be available via Creative Cloud (CC) subscription.

Most of the reaction I’ve heard has been negative, but much of that is coming from users who are Photoshop users and don’t dabble in Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premier Pro etc and the subscription price amortized over two years (typical major release interval) is quite a bit more expensive than an outright purchase of ONE product.  I regularly use all the products in the Creative Master Suite and so the subscription price (at least at the $30 per month promotional price) seems like a good deal.

Those who are adamantly against a monthly fee are rushing out to get CS6 and plan on holding on to it for the foreseeable future which is a completely understandable reaction. However, before doing so I urge photographers to take a look at some of the new features that will be available via CC subscription only.  I’m particularly excited about the deblur tool which is simply magical!

Regardless of your reaction to the CC announcement, everyone likes a discount right?

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on LR or Elements or Premier Elements, now is a great time to treat yourself to an early mother’s day gift by taking advantage of Adobe’s Mother’s Day sale. Here are the details:

Mother’s Day Pricing: Valid April 27 through May 11—Discount Code: SPRING30

· Lightroom 4 — $30 off (originally $149)

· Photoshop Elements 11 — $30 off (originally $99)

· Premiere Elements 11 — $30 off (originally $99)

· Photoshop Elements 11 & Premiere Elements 11 bundle — $30 off (originally $149)

What’s your reaction to the Creative Cloud announcement?

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Alison says:

That’s great! For me that sort of virtual networking alone is worth the cost of subscribing.

ariana says:

Michele – Adobe considers LR both a consumer AND a pro product so like PSE it will be available outside of the cloud.

Alison, Yes, it absolutely will because CC comes with storage space for just that reason!

Alison says:

Ariana, do you have any idea if the CC subscription will make it possible to work on photoshop etc. between two different computers (e.g. a desktop and laptop?), as if they were on a server? For example, I edit a photo on photoshop cloud on my imac, take a break, then half an hour later open photoshop cloud on my macbook and resume the exact same editing. This was the first thing I started wondering about when I read about the cloud subscription, because it would make life so much easier in many ways! Sorry to post such a random question, but you always seem so well-informed about all things Adobe. : )

I’m not a pro photographer – just a mom who likes to take pictures of her kids. I’ve been using Lightroom at home now for two years and have Elements as well. I like Lightroom because it enables me to shoot in RAW and it’s so easy to get everything off the camera and adjusted quickly. But the monthly fee is more than I can afford to pay, so I’ll probably upgrade to LR 4 now and that will be it.