A Weekend of Firsts for Jasper

Sunday (yesterday) was Jasper’s first day playing Squirt Soccer. It actually should have been his SECOND time, but last weekend he came down with scarlet fever! I didn’t have a chance to blog about that fun episode but I should take a moment to explain in case anything similar every happens to your little one:

Friday morning as we were getting ready for school he was complaining that his tummy hurt and that he was tired. So tired that he wanted to go to the guest room to lay down. I should have known something was up, but he often doesn’t get enough sleep so I didn’t think too much of it until I felt his head – and he was burning up.  His fever stayed between 103 and 104 so I gave  him some motrin and an hour later the puking began… I think he threw up at least 7 times in a 24 hour period, but I just knew instinctively that it wasn’t just a garden variety stomach virus. I think the fever just seemed too high for that. So I started googling high fever and vomiting and the first two results were moms who said their kids had those two symptoms and it ended up being strep!

When I called daycare to see if anyone else had come down with anything, the director told me the only sickness at the center was a child in the toddler room who had strep. Bingo! It’s weird because he only mildly complained of a sore throat, but apparently what happens is that the swallow all that strep bacteria and that’s what causes the nausea and vomiting.   Then the NEXT day when he woke up with a bright red rash I knew without a doubt it was scarlet fever which is caused by the strep virus. A rapid culture at the pediatrician confirmed and Jasper got his very first course of antibiotics ever (well, since being at the hospital when he was born).  He’s fine, in fact he was able to return to school Monday!

So that’s the long story about why Jasper missed his very first Soccer practice.

Fast forward to yesterday and he was extra excited to finally be able to meet his preschool friends and play!

Here’s my handsome boy all “suited up” for practice:

Of course with Jasper, one never knows how he will take to any given group activity.. in fact, the LAST time we signed him up for soccer a year and a half ago he set foot on the field and promptly REFUSED to participate.

So I anxiously awaited reports from Jeff about how it was going.

Then I got this picture via text from my friend Chastity who’s son is also in the league:

I was so relieved, he was having a blast!

Then I get a text 5 minutes later from Jeff. It’s probably easier if I just post our text exchange:

I was so, so happy that he went from not even wanting to play to being SO proud of himself for scoring twice! I hope those goals make him more eager to jump in and play next weekend.

Here’s a sweet one of Jasper and his best buds from preschool courtesy of Chastity, my “eyes’ on the field! These kids have been friends practically since birth:

I’ll miss them and their families so much when we all move on to different schools. On a separate note, how tall is my former shrimpy little guy?

So that was the story of Jasper’s first soccer practice.  Now, our second first was Jasper’s first big boy bike (with training wheels of course!)

This came about because now that the weather is getting so beautiful, we love taking the girls out for walks. But Jasper gets tired about 10 minutes in and Jeff ends up having to carry him on his shoulders. Not that he minds TOO much, but I had the brilliant idea that while we walk, Jasper could be riding his trikey… except that he’s grown SO tall recently that his knees were to his ears on his old trikey!  Time for a real bike. Sniff.

I only have these two instagram pics to document the occasion, but it was mostly a success. Well, other than me having mini heart attacks that he was going to fall because those training wheels are SO wobbly and he’s so high off the ground now:


First ride on the big boy bike (Jeff picked out the helmet - obviously!)

All in all he seemed to enjoy riding, though he did want to stop 20 minutes or so in because his butt hurt! :)

I guess he needs to get used to a bicycle seat vs the armchair-like seat of his old trikey.

I’m just so happy that the weather has changed and we are all getting outside and being active – and the girls will finally get to get some fresh air and take in nature for the first time in their lives!




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GiGi says:

LOVE his bike helmet! I hope he’ll keep enjoying soccer – you’ll make an AWESOME soccer mom. :) So glad you guys are able to get out some with the girls too now. Enjoy your spring!

ariana says:

Haha, he’s so sportivo! I always loved that Italians had an adverb for that :)

Allison says:

Before you even wrote it, I was thinking, wow, he’s really tall! And handsome! And now sporty, too!