Bye Bye Helmet!

After 7 weeks in treatment for Brachycephaly, Willow “graduated” from her helmet!

We thought we had a few more weeks left, but she started to get a lot of random red spots on her head – in different places each time so I kept the helmet off for 36 hours until we could get back to Cranialtech for one of the Orthodists to look at it.  It turns out that when the babies outgrow the helmet it can cause that kind of symptom (redness in many different places as opposed to say one pressure point.)

When I took her back in, they said she was indeed outgrowing it but that her head was now “perfectly normal” and it didn’t need to go back on anyway. YAY!!!!!!!

They took some “exit pictures” so they can do a before and after study so we can see just how far we’ve come. We haven’t received that little dossier just yet, but they showed me the pictures and there is a big difference. She still has a wider more square head than I think is “normal” but the back rounded out so nicely that we are very happy with her progress. They even gave her a little diploma!

Her first diploma!

And here’s a picture of my little beauty, doing her least favorite thing (tummy time!)

I am so thankful that she has that thing OFF just in time for the warm weather we’ve been having.. it feels to wonderful to snuggle her soft helmet free head once again.  And despite the fact that most people told us over and over again that the babies totally get used to the helmets and don’t even notice it, we have noticed that her general mood seems MUCH less fussy since having it removed.  So all in all, it was an exciting and much welcome day to say goodbye to the helmet for good!


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LaceyM says:

Yay! Congratulations, Willow (and Mama!) for making it through your time with the helmet!

jbhat says:

Good girl! I love that she got a certificate. And hooray for the freedom to snuggle away.


Nina says:

I can’t believe 7 weeks have gone by since she got it! I’m so happy it came off sooner. Definitely will make summer more enjoyable. I’m sure you missed those sweet snuggles too! <3