Happy 6 months Sasha & Willow!

Dear Sasha & Willow,

I can’t believe you are 6 months old today. One half year that has flown by and yet seemed like so long all at the same time!



Mommy has been so busy lately that she didn’t even get to write your 5 month letter, which bears mentioning because 5 months was when you discovered each other. It’s when we finally realized that  the mere presence of the other was such a comfort to both of you.  Particularly social miss Sasha is FASCINATED with you Willow.. when laid down next to each other you usually end up holding (grabbing?) hands. And then Sasha you reach out and pet Willow’s helmet. It’s the sweetest sight.



The only person to be quite so fascinating is your big brother of course – the biggest belly laughs are reserved for him and pretty much anything he does whether he’s trying to entertain you or just being himself.

This has also been the month when Sasha you started literally grabbing food from my hands and bringing it to your mouth – and so we began feeding you small amounts of whole foods like avocado slices, banana and sweet potato. Willow your interest hasn’t been quite as peaked so we are waiting a bit until you decide it’s time for your culinary immersion program.


I can’t say many a physical milestone has been reached – Daddy and I tease you that you are underachievers in that department! Sasha you can roll from front to back and both of you get ALMOST all the way over from back to belly but that almost has yet to become an all the way.  Thank goodness you both have started sitting well supported with a bobby and for short periods without a boppy (and close monitoring!) or I might despair that you were doomed to lay on your backs forever!


The sitting milestone is of particular interest to your photographer-mommy because sitting is the best window of baby photography: a child who can sit but not yet crawl or walk away is photography gold!


The weather is changing too, and I’m excited for my “winter babies” to experience Spring and the outdoors for the first time! This past weekend we took a nice stroll outside along the Hudson in Piermont with your proud Pop-Pop -your first outdoor walk.

Better one of pop-pop!

Yesterday I photographed a one year old and she was running all over my studio. It’s so hard for me to fathom that in just another 6 months you girls will most likely be running around the house (in opposite directions?) and maybe even talking to us and each other. I can’t wait to continue to watch your bond develop and your personalities emerge – your mommy, daddy and big brother love you both SO very much!




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beautiful little darlings, congratulations! i’d like to squeeze their chubby little cheeks! if you’re ever in laguna beach, california, we’ll have to hook up!

GiGi says:

WOW! 6 months already?! So glad to hear they are doing so well.

jbhat says:

6 months! It does seem so strange, doesn’t it? 9 months of being pregnant sort of takes forever, but then 6 months of babyhood just flies by. They are precious, and I love that they are socializing. Cute.


Allie Friedmann says:

Love your posts, as always. I feel like I know Sasha and Willow! Thanks for the update.

Megan says:

Happy 6 months to your little cuties! I immediately recognized Piermont in the last photo– such a lovely place to take a stroll! :)