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For months now I’ve been collecting little tidbits planning on writing a post about Jasper and how he’s taken to the sister invasion.

People ALWAYS ask, and it’s a  fair question – the arrival of one sibling is cause for concern for many first-born, let alone TWO!

Well I’m happy to report that somehow we must have managed to “plan” the age gap in the perfect way because Jasper is madly in love with his sisters.  Or maybe it’s because they are girls and he doesn’t feel as threatened by them? Or maybe he’s just an extraordinary little boy with a huge heart. I prefer the later hypothesis as it has the most evidence.

He is forever telling his sisters how beautiful they are, even going so far as to tell me he loves them so much it “makes him sad” (a preschooler’s version of “I love you so much it hurts?”).  He talks to them, makes them laugh uncontrollably, rocks their Rock N Plays, retrieves lost pacifiers and gives me constant reports from the back seat (“This one is sleeping mommy, this one is crying..” etc) and he calls them “his babies.”

He insists that they are princess or beautiful flowers, in fact he’s quite mad that we didn’t give them the middle name “flower”.


This morning on our ride to work he told me that he wished it was a rainy thunderstorm day so we could stay home and cuddle. Then he said that he’s a little bit afraid of thunder and lightening. He asked me what I was afraid of.

I told him the only thing I was afraid of is anything bad ever happening to him or his sisters.

He thought for a second and said “Mommy, you don’t have to worry about that because I won’t let anything happen to my sisters! If there is a bad guy It’s OK because I’m a superhero and I’ll hit him with my sword. Then I’ll bonk him on the head and throw him in the garbage. I won’t ever let any bad guys near my sisters!”



Other evidence of his huge heart and what prompted me to finally write this post was something that happened  last night..

Two days earlier, Jasper had come home from running errands with Daddy with a 4th of July style pinwheel that he told me he was going to dig a hole for in the ground down by the pool later when it gets warmer.

He really loved this pinwheel.

Fast forward to last night as his little friend Peyton and her parents were leaving our impromptu Passover dinner and what does he do but give her his pinwheel!!

Not some old toy he never played with anyway, but rather his brand new and prized possession.

My heart almost burst with pride.


Jasper and Peyton last night

I love this boy so much!

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GiGi says:

You just gotta love that boy! Your girls are so blessed to have such an incredible big brother. :+)

kari says:

::melt:: is right!
((hugs)) to that sweet one :)

kristin says:

what a beautiful post on such a sweet boy! you are a wonderful mother for raising such a caring and sweet boy!

jbhat says:

What a dear he is. This makes me melt too!


Sara says:

This is the best post ever! I love it all, I have chills. What a doll! One of my son’s friends said about her baby brother “I love him so much, I want to eat his poop.” That is some serious love!!

Lisa says:

How old is Jasper? I have a daughter due in May. I would like to go ahead and plan an arranged marriage between her and your son (or at least a date, once she reaches age 20).

Ava says:

You’ve got one good egg there :)