The Magic Sleep Suit

I used to consider myself to be “in the know” about mommy products.. probably because when I was the mother of one I had time to be active on places like the where I learned about these things seemingly through osmosis. Now my time is limited to participating on FB groups while I’m nursing in the middle of the night!

It was during one of these one handed iPhone FB browsing sessions that I saw other October 2012 mommies posting about “Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit” and how it helped their babies transition out of the Rock ‘N Play.  The problem with the Rock N Play is that it is SO effective at keeping baby from startling that transitioning to a completely flat crib can be hell.  So hellish in fact that I had been putting it off for weeks.

In my defense, the girls have been sick, so I didn’t want to lay them flat in their cribs when they had terrible coughs and congestion, then they got the stomach bug and I wanted them close to me and also their tummies were so gassy that I had to repeatedly rock them back to sleep in the RNP.

Finally though I realized that the time had come – Sasha’s head is starting to look mis-shapen (from the RNP or maybe swing?) and they also are getting too mobile to be trusted in the RNP so I ordered the magic sleep suits and with a LOT of anxiety I decided that last Saturday night would be their first in their nursery.

Well, the magic sleep suits are pretty hysterical. All I can think of when I see my girls in them is that they look like giant pink marshmallows! Or as my friend Chastity pointed out -like the kid who falls over in his snowsuit and cant’ get up:

Stay tuned for a blog post about the magic sleep sack!

Giant pink Marshwillow



So yes, they look ridiculous but they actually SLEEP! I mean, no better than in the RNP, but also no worse because the weight of the suit just envelops them and keeps them from startling awake. It’s also convenient that they are so heavy because the girls’ room is in the old part of the house that is quite cool, so I don’t have to worry about them getting too cold and not being able to have a blanket.

Now my only concern is that the largest size of sleep suit is 6-9 months-  Willow is almost into 9 month clothes already – what will I do when they outgrow them?

Time to browse on FB for a new idea..!

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