Pumping on a Plane???

Those 4 words remind me of “Snakes on a Plane!” except they engender perhaps even more fear.  But I’m going to have to get over it because I’ve decided to leave the girls for 60 hours and head to Vegas for two days of WPPI. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Excuse me while I hyperventilae.

This was no small decision on my part. The truth is that with my app being released this past September, this trade show season would be the one to go to to spread the word. And when my good friends at H&H (aka best-lab-in-the-whole-universe-and-you-should-be-using-them-if-you-aren’t-why-not?) said I could demo the app in their booth it was a no-brainer. Ok, well, it wasn’t a no brainer because do you know how much milk I had to stash in order to take this little jaunt? Over 100 ounces.

You look at our freezer and think Ohmygod its totally full of milk, we’ll never go through all that…But for every feedings its TWO bags so it dwindles soooo fast.  So every night for the past almost two months after the girls go to sleep I would stay up an extra 2 hours so I could squeeze in a pumping session to store milk. It’s been exhausting. But they are so worth it:

Pretty in pink!

And of course I’ll have to pump while I’m gone, which will be um.. interesting. How am I going to sterilize pump parts at the hotel? Still haven’t figured that one out.

But by far the most perplexing piece of this puzzle is how will I pump while ON the plane? The flight is amost 5 hours.. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? Experience pumping in airports, planes, hotel rooms and/or transporting milk through airports etc?

I’d be much obliged!

And, if you are a photographer and happen to be reading this, you might be interested in the fact that my app is on sale right now! Even better, if you are going to WPPI I’d love to meet you-  details below!


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