Willow’s Helmet

Friday was the day that Willow’s doc band helmet was ready to be fitted to treat her Brachycephaly. It also coincided with the girls 5th month birthday and first stomach virus (a dubious celebration at best- two times the baby puke = two times the chaos!)

The stomach virus proved to be a bit of an issue because her general level of tolerance was SO low that she was pretty inconsolable and we had no way of knowing if it was the helmet driving her crazy or just her tummy.. so she didn’t wear it too much over the weekend.

The good news is that the girls seem to have recovered from the bug and she doesn’t seem to mind the helmet too much. The biggest problem right now is that it does make their body temperatures warmer to essentially be wearing a big plastic “hat” and so she’s still adjusting to it.

The white helmet definitely has a very “medical” look to it:

Willow's helmet :(

So Jeff got to painting it right away!

Painting Willow's helmet. Stay tuned for the after...

Willow is a lucky little girl to have such a talented dad, because look at the masterpiece he created for her!







We chose the owl because my girls DEFINITELY have their totems: Willow is the owl with her wide eyes and little “whoooo” sounds and Sasha with her purring and meow-like coos is the cat (the owl and the pussycat!)

Initially the prognosis was 6-9 months in the helmet. I really hope it’s just 6 weeks because I miss laying my head on my sweet baby girl’s soft hair and she had only just started soothing by twirling her fingers in her hair the way I used to do when I was a baby :(

At least thanks to her dad, she has a helmet that will be the envy of every helmet wearing baby around town!

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Lauren says:

Did you have any problems when they adjusted it (at her follow- up appointments?) They said they use heat to adjust it. Also did you use a varnish?

ariana says:

Lauren, we wanted to use something non toxic so it was just water based acrylic! It was actually a Martha Stewart mix of colors we found at Michaels (like these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007C7YTR4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B007C7YTR4&linkCode=as2&tag=becomom-20) and we did have to touch it up occasionally around the edges so we were glad that the pink base wasn’t a custom color mix, it was just the pink in the Martha set because it would have been hard to match later if it was custom!

Lauren says:

I stumbled across your blog when researching plagiocephally; my little girl is getting a helmet in a week and I love the design your hubby did! Just wondering if he used a special type of paint and how well it held up! You have some cute girls! :)

My son wore a helmet for 6 months due to plagiocephaly and I’m here to promise you that this time will FLY FLY FLY by. A year from now, this will just be a blip on the radar, even though that doesn’t seem possible now.

On a slightly related note, awesome paint job!!

Jennifer says:

Audrey had brachycephaly and wore her helmet for 6 weeks, if I remember right. Though hers wasn’t nearly as awesome looking!

Michele Shkreli says:

Looks like you guys can start a new business. That is one awesome helmet.

Amy says:

You’ll be so happy with the helmet results. My little boy wore one too & it goes so quickly. And the painting on it is beautiful!

Staci says:

OMG!!! I swear it’s unfair to have that much creative talent between the two you!!!! Wow! A custom helmet… I mean who does that????!!! I’ve seen countless babies with helmets and not once have I ever seen one decorated, let alone decorated as beautifully as hers. Brilliant! She’s adorable.

Jaimie says:

Your husband really does have an artistic talent. This helmet is beautifully done. He really probably start a business customizing helmets for other babies! You made the best of a medical necessity. Hope it helps your daughter, she looks really cute in the meantime.

jbhat says:

Please tell Jeff that it looks amazing. Amazing! She rocks it too. What a doll.


Abigail says:

Wow he did an amazing job. Definitely the most gorgeous helmet I’ve seen on any baby ever. I hope her issue is fixed quickly so she can get back to hair twirling. At least she looks adorable in it in the mean time.

Sarah says:

Wow, that is beautiful! He did an amazing job! I hope she doesn’t have to wear it long, but she definitely looks adorable in it!

GiGi says:

Jeff did an absolutely AMAZING job! Kudos to super dad! She looks adorable in it, but I hope she doesn’t need it for very long.

Jill says:

Well, isn’t that just so beautiful! How lucky she is to have that creative gene~ I love it and as much as this helmet wearing probably isn’t a lot of fun, she looks pretty sweet in hers. Sweet Willow…

Chrissy says:

Omg, daddy is talented, what a pretty helmet. Friends of ours had twins and one needed a helmet and it was off sooner then they expected. Plus theirs did not look as nice, can’t believe someone can make a helmet look good. He should really reprint the owl on a canves and put it in their rooms. Too cute :)

Pamela Frankel says:

She looks beautiful! So worth it in the end and before you know it sheyll have it off. After a week , you’ll be so used to it too with cleaning it and being warm. Emma had to wear hers in the summer, but it was fine. I stressed out about it all fir nothing. You have three gorgeous children!!!!!

Jocelyn says:

Wow, that is amazing! Jeff is so talented. And little Willow is such a doll. I just want to squeeze her. :)

Kates says:

My best friend’s little girl had a helmet too and hers was not as cool! She looks adorable with and without it.

ariana says:

Thanks guys, Jeff did such a great job! Lali I hope he doesn’t need one, but if he does it’s definitely better to do it sooner rather than later as the wearing times go up SO much more after 8 months from what I understand.

It would be a nice side job if only he/we had more time!

Allie Friedmann says:

A business idea, for sure!

Lali Mayster says:

Could you two be any more creative? Love the helmet. We’re discussing with our ped. a possibility for a helmet for our little guy and now at least I know it can be spruced up and look fun! Best wishes.

Ava says:

That looks seriously awesome!

Kelly R says:

What a beautifully painted helmet! Beautiful!!!! Willow is just gorgeous!!!!

Just as I pictured it!!!! LOVE IT :)