Happy 4 Months Sasha & Willow

Ok, 4 months and 11 days to be exact. Mommy is a little behind as usual..

Sasha Star.. this has been a huge month of change for you!  You went from being a little bit “sensitive” and dare I say fussy to being the smiliest baby in the history of the world. No really, you smile about 80% of the day. Big gummy drooly smiles that light up the whole room!


You have also started to really get attached to mommy, so much so that you sometimes cry when mommy leaves, which is so sweet and so sad at the same time.   You LOVE standing, and are really starting to love being on your tummy. Yesterday you got so high up on your arms I thought for sure you would roll over!  I think it’s just a matter of days now.  This past week you are going through a giant growth spurt that has you eating your hands and wanting to nurse pretty much constantly. I love the extra snuggles but I think we will both be a little relieved when this one is over!


Willlow Rose..this month you found your voice in more ways than one. Not content to wait patiently for attention anymore, you make your preferences known now! You also have started cooing in earnest, most often an owl-like “whoooo whoooo”. It’s so cute! I call my girls the Owl and the Pussycat because Sasha’s coos are much more like meows. It definitely make it harder for me to get anything done now that you often cry when I leave the room, but it does warm my heart that you know/recognize/want me as much as you do.  And your giant wide eyed smiles when you see me simply make my heart sing.



I love you both so very much. Even through the exhaustion and the long days I wake up each morning to see your sweet smiling faces and am excited for what new snuggles and adventures our day will bring!


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jbhat says:

Love these notes so much. Your girls are beautiful. I want to gobble them up!

Finally framed and hung our mermaid print. It’s the cutest thing ever, so thank you for telling us about it. I’m so happy to have snagged one.


Miz Booshay says:

They are the sweetest little girls! I am so happy for you every time I see their pictures. Twins are very hard…but bring lots and lots of joy too.