The Halloween that Wasn’t


Most of you know that we were in the hurricane Sandy effected area (11 days with no power!!!!), so trick or treating was officially cancelled in our town due to the danger of downed wires and lack of streetlights in the aftermath of the destruction.  The week before Halloween Jasper’s good friend Peyton had a Halloween party, so because he got to dress up, I thought maybe the lack of Halloween might go unnoticed. But he asked several times after Halloween when it was going to be Halloween.  Oops.

Luckily our awesome hometown organized a “Boo Sandy” event after Halloween complete with music, trunk or treating, kid’s entertainment etc  so Jasper go to dress up one more time and go “trunk or treating.”

You may wonder why I didn’t take a picture of him in his entire outfit, and the answer is that I did, but I like this one better because it’s that Batman costume that has giant fake muscles.. and I absolutely HATE it.  I didn’t even want him to be batman, he doesn’t even REALLY know who batman is. He’s never seen the movie, a cartoon or even a comic. Everything he knows about Batman (or Iron Man, or the Transformers for that matter) he learned in preschool from an older friend named Derek.  I much preferred the “little boy” type costumes he’d worn years prior, like the  cowboy ,superhero or knight or basically ANYTHING less commercial than Batman on steroids. But Jasper INSISTED.

I have to pick my battles..

But at least I can also pick my portraits. And I chose moody window light WITHOUT the commercial fake plastic muscles!


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Chrissy says:

Your post made me laugh cause I love Halloween and know that when my son gets bigger I will be facing those ugly fake muscle costumes too!Luckily he’s not even two yet to It’s totally my choice. I know thing are difficult because of Sandy but I’m really glad that you all are ok and posting :)

Ava says:

Aw! It’s awesome your neighborhood was able to do something.

I hear you on the Batman/Spiderman stuff — G knows who they are purely from DC, although he has nor, nor will watch the movies/cartoons for quite a while to come. I just can’t reconcile Shawn the Sheep, Caillou and Dinosaur Train next to Batman or on Netflix stream.