Introducing Sasha Star & Willow Rose


Sasha Star – 6lbs 9 oz, 19.5 inches & Willow Rose, 6lbs 4 oz, 19 inches

Photos courtesy of the amazing Alicia Gould!

This post is such a long time coming (11 days to be exact!) because I have hundreds of pictures on my computer of the first few days in the hospital waiting for me to edit them and of course I wanted to post about their birth with PICTURES! But, as you might imagine, they have been keeping me pretty busy so if I wait until I can edit the images they might be in preschool before I ever announce their birth so I figured I’d better get to it!

PLUS, fortunately for me, two other amazing talented photographers have documented this incredibly special and fleeting time for us.

First, the amazing Heather Lambrinides of Heather Photography came to the hospital the day the twiglets were born to capture our first few moments as a family!

Then, Alicia Gould came yesterday to do a newborn session at our home – she hasn’t done a blog post yet for me to link to, but she just put up this amazing video with the images that has me absolutely speechless!  I honestly think they need a bigger nursery so I have space to hang them all..

MUCH, MUCH more to come later!!!!!!

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Farah says:

Congratulations Ariana! They girls are beautiful and Jasper seems like the sweetest big brother!

jbhat says:

AAAAH!!! So wonderful!! The girls are here and you are ALL so beautiful! I love love love the family photos. Congratulations to everyone, including Jeff and Jasper. I cannot wait to read about Sasha and Willow’s births, and I hope you are all doing as well as can be.


Marit Welker says:

not going to lie, you look better right after those gorgeous twins than I did in high school or college! Wow! Congratulations on tnose beautiful babies!

Fiona M says:

Congratulations ! They are perfect. Take one day at a time. They are hard hard work.

Abigail says:

Congratulations! They are so gorgeous. All the pictures just made my heart completely melt.

yulie says:

CONGRATULATIONS! Beautiful pics, beautiful family! Thanks for sharing :)

jen says:

Congratulations! Your whole family is beautiful! :-)

GiGi says:

CONGRATS to you all! They are as beautiful as their amazing mommy! Can’t wait to see more!

Kate says:

I am in love. And Sasha’s little mouth looks just like Jasper’s! I think that’s your mouth, isn’t it?
They are divine. Congratulations!

Asha says:

Congratulations! I’m a lurker of your blog via Star Daniels. I’m her long time friend and saw your beautiful photography on her fb so I checked your blog out. Love it!

I’ve been checking to see if you had your babies and here they are! They are beautiful.

Joanna says:

OK that first picture is probably the cutest newborn twin photo I’ve ever seen.
Secondly, I was really stressed that you hadn’t posted anything and kept checking your blog every day haha. I am glad everything went well and congratulations on your beautiful girls! You look great too!!

Pamelanmatt says:

I am in tears…so thrilled for you. The girls are beautiful and it is amazing when a photographer can really tell a story through their images.

Ana says:

amazing! beautiful. congratulations on your miracles!!

Rachel says:

Congratulations Ariana! The photos are precious- what a wonderful time for your family!

vikki kourbelis says:

Stunning photos of your precious girls! Them hugging each other melted me. You look amazing Ariana, well done supermum! Welcome to twin motherhood!

Fiona says:

Congratulations!!!! Beautiful babies & mama, and beautiful names!

Wishing you well in your recovery.


Laura says:

Absolutely amazing and you look stunning of course! Congrats again!

Lucy says:

Congratulations to you all!

Jaymi says:

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this!!! They are perfect, sooo precious!! LOVE that photo of them hugging!

Congratulations! They are so beautiful that they almost don’t look real. Hope you are all doing wonderfully.

Helen Smith says:

Congratulations Ariana! They are both beautiful! I saw the pics that Alicia has posted on CM they are gorgeous as is your family, you all look so happy :) I am so glad everything went well with their birth and you seem to be recovering well…love their names! Congrats to Dad & big brother Jasper also…will def enjoy watching them grow along with your son :)

Jen says:

Congratulations Ariana and family! The girls are so beautiful! Enjoy these first moments

Wendy says:

Congratulations!! They are beautiful! Wishing you and your family all the best :o)

lelu says:

Congratulations! They are so beautiful!

Suzette says:

Beautiful! Congratulations!!

Stephanie says:

Fabulous! Congrats!!!! :)

Daisy says:

Congratulations! They are adorable.

Shayna says:

They are so so so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Molly says:

Congratulations. They are so beautiful and I love their names!

pam says:

congrats on your beautiful girls!

my #1 advice…keep them on the same schedule. :)

Leigh says:

Congratulations – they’re beautiful!

AmandaG says:

Congratulations! I was thinking about you and the twins the last couple of days, so I’m glad you posted! Can’t wait to hear/see more!

Samm says:

oh my, they are absolute perfection. Congrats to you and your family.

Sara B. says:

So beautiful! Love the names! Congratulations!!

Amy W says:

So happy for you Ariana! Congratulations to you and your family. And the photos just take my breath away.

Heather says:

That’s so great! Congratulations!!! You look terrific, and I can’t believe they’re so BIG!!!