Shoot & Sell iPad app now Available!

Children and blogs, they’ll make liars out of you EVERY.TIME!  Yes, hot on the heals of my “I’m going to be better about blogging my real life moments” post I’m going to now post that my iPad app, fruit of the last 6 months of labor (my third twin or “triplet” if you wish) is available!

The fact is, it was released last THURSDAY! And yes, I am just now having a moment to sit down and blog about it because it’s been the craziest few days ever.

So, picture me, it’s launch day and I have to go to the MFM for a growth scan & non-stress test. The whole ordeal including driving and waiting time takes at least 3 hours. So there I am strapped to the monitors, belly full of goo trying to not think about how much my lower back hurts when I get an email that my website, my APP website, the one I’ve just blasted out to the world is down. ON LAUNCH DAY!

And it’s not just down because the response is too overwhelming for the server. Oh no, it’s because I asked my webhost to change an email address and some guy made a typo or misunderstood and the entire domain configuration got screwed up.  Well, not even just that, he actually deleted my entire domain, as well as all the FILES!

And that’s not even the worst part believe it or not. Mistakes happen, I get that. But I couldn’t get them to get it together and correct the mistake for about 2.5 hours at which point I HAD to re-upload my files (thank god I had them!) but there were still tons of residual missing links from the images due to the way they are stored -I’m STILL finding missing images that I thought were there but were just cached in my browser. OY!

The good news from the day was that at the growth scan the girls were only 12% apart in size, so my now almost certain c-section has been converted to a possible induction (gulp) VERY VERY soon. I can’t say just how soon because there is a “guess the birthdate” of the twins contest going on right now on the Shoot & Sell app FB page, but well – it’s soon.

All that aside, it’s just been a whirlwind of trying to get the word out about the app as much as possible before the girls ARE here and I’m so fortunate that friends and past supporters of the Wall Guides have come out and done some great promoting on my behalf, so there are lots of different ways you can enter to score a copy of the app for yourself if you are so inclined!

GIVEAWAYS (huge thank you to my friends below!)

Rustic Star Photography 10k Giveaway (Ends September 27th)

Paperie Boutique:  (Ends 11:59 p.m. EDT on Thursday, September 27th)

Inspire me Baby (Ends September 28th)

Keri Meyers (End midnight Sept. 29th PST)

AND… via the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides 25K Fan Giveaway!

Yes, the same week as all this craziness my Wall Guides FB page finally hit 25k (it’s been hovering just below for what seemed like eons!)   Also up for grabs in the 25k giveaway is a seat in the Moms With Cameras “Mothering of all Mentoring workshop” as well as the Munchkins & Mohawks preset or action set of your choice!


OR, if you just can’t wait,  go get yourself a copy before the price increase takes effect Thursday the 27th at midnight!

I’m happy to answer any questions about the app in the comments, but please do also visit and look around, there’s tons of info and FAQs there as well that should help clear some things up! :)

PS: Thank you for bearing with me through all this “self promotion”. I PROMISE I have some really good stuff coming this week.. like pictures of the girls’ finished nursery, Jasper’s first emails, and much more!

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I’m really interested in this app but also had some questions considering workflow. Because of your app I am seriously considering getting an Ipad for my consultations with clients instead of a laptop. However I really enjoy letting clients go though lightroom and star their images themselves. I love your app but wasn’t sure if clients can go though and do this trough that app. I also was looking at Photosmith but it doesn’t look like it got very good reviews. What do you do as far as your work flow? I think I remember you saying that your clients use light room also. I would love to just have it simple and use one app pleas let me know if that is possible with the shoot and sell app.

ariana says:

Hi Chrissy, Shoot & Sell does the wall design aspect only, it doesn’t do sorting, rating or have a shopping cart. For that I use Lightroom (which also doesn’t do a cart) or even better ProSelect. I’m not aware of any great iPad solutions for the rating etc.. Although I did hear recently about a subscription based one called Fiducia, maybe you can check that out!

ariana says:

Tira, you are so sweet!!! And thank you for your purchase. Can’t WAIT to hear what you think :)

Tira J says:

You are so amazing Ariana! To do all of this while growing two little girls inside of you and raising Jasper. Kudos to you! I think you already know how much we LOVE you and how much you have helped our business. Just got my hot hands on the app today, but I can’t play with it until that to do list goes down a bit. I lost the bet for the girls Birthday, because I guessed Friday which was my birthday. Praying for you over the next few days and weeks and that you stay rested and have peace about everything. Hugs to you. xoxo