The Lost Summer

Given my long absences I’m sure some of you might have been wondering if I gave birth to the twins yet. Nope, still here.. ! I HAVE however given “birth” to Shoot & Sell, the iPad app version of my Photographer’s Wall Display Guides inasmuch as it finally, FINALLY got submitted to the Apple team for approval.

Here is the trailer video I put together and filmed at 34 weeks pregnant with twins, which by the way I DON’T recommend.. at least not unless you can afford to hire professional child actors who actually follow directions unlike my wriggly whiny defiant little imp who refused to anything I asked him during this shoot.  He even rejected the lollypop bribe insisting that he didn’t want one (What? Ok crazy kid!)

Thank GOODNESS the trailer is only like 1.5 minutes long and required only about 30 seconds of live footage of my “star” or the whole thing would have been a giant waste of time.  As it is, I’m happy with how it came out – but I won’t be attempting video with a preschooler any time again soon!

If you have a really good memory for detail, you may also have noticed that I changed the name of the app from “Show & Sell” to “Shoot & Sell.”

Yeah, that really wasn’t by choice, even though I dig the new name..early last week (Tuesday I believe) we were literally about to press “submit” to apple. I was JUST checking on some keywords and purely by chance noticed that Mary Kay had come out with an app called “Show and Sell”.

I think my reaction sounded something like this: %^$&*()*(%#$@!!!!!!

Not ONLY did that mean needing to change the name of the app itself, but it required changing a bunch of things in the code, buying and setting up a new domain name, twitter feed, FB page, email address.. the list goes on.  The worst part was that we had to send a ticket into Dropbox support to get them to change the name of the app and that took 3 business days to get done, so all in all I lost a GOOD chunk of time to the whole name fiasco as I have taken to calling it.

So anyway, that’s what I’ve been dealing with the last few weeks, and there is still SO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE OMG.  The reality is that I have about max 3-ish weeks left before the girls arrive, the app SHOULD be live sometime towards the end of next week?  Which means I have a little over a week (if I’m lucky) to “promote” it before the twiglets come and render me effectively useless for anything but milk production.

So, back to the title:  in a rare moment of trying to prepare for the girls rather than working on the app I scoured the house for our old Vado HD camcorder and charged it up and transferred all the videos to my hard-drive to make room for filming moments at the hospital etc. As the gigabytes were copying over I started to watch some of the clips and I just sat there all choked up about all the adorable and long gone moments I had captured of Jasper over the years –  and then the guilt set in over the fact that I haven’t taken ANY videos in 2012, and barely any in 2011.  I really just want to reach back and slap some sense into the 18 month younger me and scream “Don’t you know what you are missing???!!”

This whole year has been such a whirlwind of change..first the move, then the IVF, then the pregnancy, and now the app, and the Keri Meyers Workshop I’m hosting this week-end, culminating with the twins arrival in a few weeks.

I know I should cut myself some slack, but I really need to get my head back into the game of LIFE and documenting the special moments that we will never get back again.  As a “second time mom” and a crazy busy one at that, I have to forgive myself a little. But,  I also need to remember that the moment I will want to look back on 20 years from now is not the day I submitted my app to the iTunes store (even though it’s become like a third baby on the way!) but rather all the sweet and even the bitter moments of this summer.

Yes I am in PAIN and discomfort much of the time, but there are good moments too – Jasper trying to “help me walk,” or building a space ship in the guest room with a “bed” for mommy to lie in so he can drive me around. Or the way that Jeff has without complaint taken over EVERYTHING from shopping to cleaning to cooking to bathing Jasper and so much more.  Or the funny moments like having to drive around a scooter to shop at Target (walking is no longer an option) and essentially committing a “hit and run” at one of the end-cap displays!

Life is crazy, life is good, and bad sometimes, but it HAPPENS regardless, and I don’t want to be so busy that I forget or neglect to document it. For me and for our kids – it’s our history in the making and I’m the only “historian” we’ve got..  So I hereby commit to letting no more weeks or months or seasons go by being “lost.”   Who’s with me?

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Ana says:

Congrats on 34 weeks!!! I delivered my twin girls at 34.5 weeks! I agree, take time I enjoy the now moments!!

CJ says:

OMG!! You are already 34 weeks! Where has the time gone? I delivered at 35 weeks with twins so, Good luck! :)

audrey says:

That is just so cute! I want the app and I’m not a professional photographer!

Amy says:

That app is just about the coolest thing I have seen having to do with photography, I think it is AMAZING! And Jasper was super cute :o)

The video is really awesome. Jasper is really cute too. I hope the next video will also be a hit, I just can’t wait for it.

Stacy says:

You are one busy mama, love the video and can’t wait to see more on this amazing app :) Just an FYI, where the sponsor links are it still shows an iPad that says “show and sell”…

yulie says:

Looks wonderful!!!

GiGi says:

I’m with you! I don’t have twiglets (OMG, could that be any cuter???) on the way or any other blessed bundles, but I have been crazy busy for more than a year. My perspective is out of whack and it’s time to put it right. Thanks for the reminder!

BTW … the video is AMAZINGLY CUTE! I hope it is the next wave in what I hope will be huge success for you.

Kaley says:

love the video. I think Jasper did great! with all of your free time (ha!) maybe you can do some tutorials on making awesome videos. :)

Claudia says:

That video is so cute! It makes me want to buy the app and I’m not even a photographer. Jasper did a great job by the looks of it…even if he was tough actor to work with behind the scenes.

Sara B. says:

OMG!!!!!! I freakin love it!!

Loving this video! What an amazing job and you would have no idea he was being a tough actor! Congrats and I’m sure your sales will go through the roof and you can put your feet up for your babies due in a few weeks. So so awesome. I will certainly be purchasing one, since I have your guides already and they are amazing. Thank you Ariana!

Nina says:

The video is adorable! I can’t believe the girls are almost here already! :)