Cape Cod aka “Cape Cold”

Sorry I’ve been so MIA – suddenly I have million little projects to tie up and I knew this post could turn into a big one so I’ve been procrastinating!

So, as the title of the post would suggest, our trip to Cape Cod for my best friend Alexis’ wedding was wonderful, but definitely not the “beach vacation” it might have been.  Early June is pretty risky on the cape weather wise, but I had thought with the preternaturally warm/early spring we had this year that we might get lucky. Um, no.  We arrived Thursday evening, it was sunny and 70. But WINDY, it felt more like 60 tops.  But it was to be the ONLY sunny day that we had until we headed home (a day early!) Monday. Fortunately I had the good sense to take a beach picture or two Thursday, though I haven’t really had time to edit most of them!

Jasper and Auntie Roxy on the beach

As usual, the Instagram version is much more interesting :)

Daddy wrote his name in the sand – can you tell?


The next day the weather took a turn for the much worse – it remained about 55, raining and 25-30 MPH wind gusts the entire time. No one was quite prepared for the cold – luckily my parents came up a day after us so I had my mom stop by our house and pick up some warm sweaters! The greatest oversight was not bringing shoes that we could wear socks with. So we all huddled in our little cabin with the heat cranking drinking coffee. Perhaps the smartest decision I had made was to bring our Keurig – our cottages came equipped with kitchens but no coffee maker.

Speaking of the cottages, we had been asked by the bride to rent one of the cottages that were tent side – which we thought would be fine – a two bedroom cottage with two twin beds in one room and a full size in the other.  We knew my parents would also attend the wedding and might stay with us, which they.  Later my sister decided to come from LA (which was awesome!) so it was a very cozy family affair in about a 300 square foot “box” as Jeff took to calling it!

Despite the weather and tight accommodations, we had a wonderful time with old friends and family – people whom I love dearly but rarely if ever get to see, let alone all at the same time!

Here we are at brunch on Sunday, courtesy of instagram:

And, of course there was the main event itself.  I was the “matron” of honor (god I hate that word!) which meant giving a speech.  The week before we left I can’t even tell you how much the speech was stressing me out.  I am definitely suffering from pregnancy brain (times two!) and just couldn’t gather my thoughts properly. THANKFULLY I had actually written a speach for Alexis the same month that Jeff and I got married (April of 2006!) because we had thought that Scott would propose to Alexis soon after. I don’t know, I guess I was so inspired by all the wonderful wedding memories and gratitude for Alexis and the amazing job she did with my showers, bachelorette party, speech etc.  I honestly didn’t think I’d ever find that original speech.. but when I did (on an old external hard drive) I actually squealed, it was still so perfect, much better than I could have written in my current hormone addled state.  Still though, I was nervous to actually stand up and read it.. but it went really well, it was a very appreciative audience and I was so happy to be able to share what her friendship has meant to me over the years with all of her loved ones.

But I wasn’t the only one in the family with important wedding responsibilities: Jasper and his partner in crime Leo were “banner bearers”. I obviously couldn’t record his performance during the actual ceremony, but I did manage to capture it at the rehearsal the day before:

The weather was SO crappy the day of the wedding that I didn’t manage to get any great shots of Jasper in his suit, which is too bad because he was unbelievably handsome!




My duties as photographer were limited to the getting ready at the salon because the hired photographer wasn’t coming until later. I haven’t had a chance to edit most of those, but here’s one of my faves: We had to wear shower caps when we left because it was so windy and rainy!

My once chance to get a nice shot of the bride was while we were waiting in a cottage by the tent to do the processional… she was sitting by the door looking out in anticipation and so I RAN to our cottage next door to get my camera and capture her in the beautiful light:

Isn’t she stunning?

I can’t wait to see the pro pics, I helped choose the photographer and her work is really lovely.

So that is the story of our Cape Cod trip – I still feel like we owe Jasper a “real” (aka sunny and warm!) weekend at the beach this year, but I’m not sure if I will be up to it at my current size. I really felt like I “popped” (again?) while away, and I am starting to really feel pressure/contractions when I’m on my feet.

Latest belly shot at 22 weeks:

All weekend long people were asking when I was due – and expecting no doubt to hear “tomorrow” or “next week” and not “October!”   It’s going to be a long summer…


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jbhat says:

I’m so glad your sister got to join you at Cape Cold. Hooray!

Note to self: 1) write son’s name on beach this summer/take pic. 2) find occasion for son to wear a suit and tie/take pic.


ariana says:

Ivy, I think you are right about them hanging out low, I hadn’t thought of that!

Helen- thanks, I’m such a light junkie I HATE shooting in all that overcast yuckiness, but it’s definitely better than nothing!

Lilly- good weekend to be away LOL!

Fiona, they were taken with my iPhone :)

Megan says:

So beautiful, Ariana! We just love Cape Cod and this made me really want to go back :)

Fiona says:

Hi Ariana,

Shame about the weather but the photos, as usual, are great.

Can you share with us how you use instagram with photos you took with your camera – or did you take them with your iphone?

Many thanks

Fiona x

Lilly Smith says:

I’m in Boston but we were lucky enough to be on vacation in Chicago during that cold and rainy weather- too bad because that really was unusually chilly, even for the cape. Still looks like a beautiful event and Jasper is adorable!

Helen says:

Seriously? I would say you have some GREAT shots of your son & you are right…he looks gorgeously handsome :) Your friend is a beautiful bride and yes you are def getting bigger! Glad to hear you had a great time regardless of the weather.

ivy says:

You have gotten bigger since your last picture but still look fabulous! Those girlies are hanging out really low so I can imagine you are uncomfortable. I have had ptl with all three of my pregnancies and lots and lots of contractions. Rest as much as you can (ha!-i know how hard that is!!) and stay off your feet :)
btw, super cute top!!

Jennifer W says:

Oh yes, I remember the summer before my girls were due (also in October) is when I got the “you must be due soon!” comments. Um, nope, lol.