Happy Birthday Jeff!

It’s high time we pay tribute to the silent hero of this blog – and what better day than his birthday?

When you see pictures of our house looking beautiful and organized, and like we’ve been “living here forever” it’s because Jeff is a workhorse – an unpacking and organizing power to be reckoned with. Left to my own devices, the house would look like we moved in yesterday (as the state of my office bears witness to!)

He paints, decorates, builds outside railings when the insurance company threatens to drop us otherwise, plants gardens, mows, waters, installs garbage disposals, opens the pool by himself – and any million and one other things that I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do or the motivation to try.

He’s also a one man jungle gym, pretend fights like a master,  keeps our son laughing like a comedian and is the best father a boy could EVER wish for or a wife could ever hope her partner could be. I can’t wait to see his relationship with the girls develop!

But the amazing thing is that he does all this AND works incredibly hard at a high stress corporate job with long hours – a job where he excels and has been promoted several times in a few short years. Not bad for an art school grad (I expect he’ll be running the place in a few years!)

And lets face it, he’s not so hard to look at either. How did I ever get so lucky?

Thanks babe for all that you do and all that you are.

(Jasper agrees!)

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jbhat says:

I think he’s a keeper! Congrats to Jeff on the skillz, the professional accomplishments, and on being an amazing family man. Happy birthday!


Ava says:

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Lindsey says:

There is nothing like a great dad! Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff says:

Thanks babe.

Dawn says:

Happy Birthday, Jeff! You are both so lucky to have each other!

monika says:

Happy Birthday Jeff!!!