Mother’s Day Photoshoot

I’ve mentioned in passing how excited Jasper is about the babies. He talks to them (“Hello babies, can you hear me? Are you OK in there?”; “Good morning babies!”) , puts stickers on my belly for them, and hugs and kisses my belly frequently.

I decided I NEEDED a photo to remember this, also so that the girls would be able to see it one day and know how much their brother has always loved them (even since they were dinosaur eggs!)

Over the past year a local photographer Monika Eisenbart and I have been in touch mostly online (she was a blog reader before I met her!) but also in person once.  I have loved watching her work evolve and she also has a son so I figured she would be the perfect person to do a “Mother’s day session swap!”

Monika decided to bank her session for another occasion, but on Sunday she met us at a fabulous location and took some images of our family.  Originally when I picked the date I thought Jeff was going to be away on business, but he was there so we got family images as well as some of just Jasper and I – even better!

Monika mostly took images with her gear and I haven’t seen those yet, but for the last little spot we shot at she used my camera and lens (the 70-200 of course!)  so I had immediate access to process and post these.  What you see is Monika’s lovely camera work combined with my gear and post processing.. I can’t wait to see and share what Monika shot and will edit – but that will be another post :)

For now, here is what I have from the shoot – with my wild woman hair and all!

What I will always remember most about this shoot was how Jasper was running, tripped and fell and tore up his elbow pretty badly. It was bleeding all over and he was crying.. I thought for sure there would be no more shooting. But my boy, my brave tough little guy had a cracker, a sip of water and kept going.   Words can’t even describe how proud I am of him!

Speaking of which, I couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity of us being dressed and in a beautiful spot to get this shot of Jasper I’ve had in my head ever since we found out for sure about the girls being girls..I can’t say it’s a “gender reveal” because well, we already revealed, but lets just pretend k?

What lucky little girls they will be!

And what a lucky woman I am to have someone like Monika to take such beautiful pictures of us.. thank you Monika! We will treasure them always.

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