Still here..

So much has happened since I last found the time to blog, I appreciate the emails I’ve gotten wondering if I’m OK!

I’m fine, just TIRED and overwhelmed with life.   I got “released” from my RE’s office on March 9th, which is the last time I got to see the twinsies:

Being released by the RE is always a great milestone, but in this case it also triggered a mini freak out about who/where I was going to go for my OB care!

Some of you may remember that I delivered Jasper at Phelps, a community hospital with the lowest intervention rates in our area (18% c section) and was attended by amazing midwives.

But Phelps only has a level 1 “special care nursery” and my RE strongly feels (and I agree) that I should plan on delivering at a hospital with at LEAST a level 2, if not level 3 NICU in case these babies come earlier than 36 weeks (a very strong possibility.)

My RE had recommended White Plains Hospital, where I had a great experience at when he removed a polyp from my uterus last fall (everyone was exceedingly pleasant and they even called afterwards to make sure I was satisfied with my experience!)

However, after a little investigating I saw that their c-section rate is an appalling 40%.   I just can’t get on board with that, particularly since my chances of having a c-section with twins is already 50%, I figure it can only be higher at a hospital with questionable commitment to vaginal birth.

It turns out that it’s not so easy to find a practice in a) a great hospital with a great NICU and b) where you have any idea what their philosophy on interventions is.   The whole process got me quite discouraged that there are no good databases or websites where you can find such information out.  In NY there is a website, but it’s data is 5 years old. In NJ, there are only some statistics compiled many years ago by the NJ Star Leger.  But even if you find out which hospital has low intervention rates, they don’t list them by physician, so you are still pretty much in the dark.

At this point though I was too far along to play around and I just needed to go SOMEWHERE, so my RE and I settled on a practice in Engelwood NJ (Englewood OB/GYN) that delivers out of Englewood hospital.   The hospital has an award winning mother baby center, so I thought I’d at least give it a try.

They managed to squeeze me in yesterday and I met one of the doctors for a consultation and I loved him!  The staff is super nice too, so I have high hopes. There are only 4 doctors in the delivery service, which I really like.  It seems like a manageable number, small enough so that I will feel like I “know” them all enough by the time I deliver.

One thing that we have to decide basically right away is what sort of genetic testing we will want to have done.   If we choose to have a CVS test it needs to happen within the next 2 weeks.  I’m torn because my age (38.5) puts us at pretty high risk. With Jasper, I had the NT scan/blood test at 13 weeks and decided I would decline further testing if it came out looking good which thankfully it did. But with twins, the blood test part of the triple screen is ineffective, so I’m just not sure if we want to only go by the results of the scan.

But the miscarriage rates with twins of doing invasive tests is scary – I don’t think I could live with myself if god forbid anything happened that could have been avoidable.  We have a consultation with the MFM this friday to go over our options.   Not a decision that I am really prepared to make yet, but we don’t really have another choice.

In other news, I’m showing already. I look at LEAST 4-5 months pregnant.  Maternity pants are just around the corner. Luckily so is spring, so I’m hoping I can find some baby doll dresses and start living in those for the next 6 months!

Jasper is doing really well, other than his recent bout with a stomach virus that was going around daycare :( There’s nothing sadder than when little ones throw up, you just feel so helpless to help them!

We’ve made some good progress on the house lately as well, I just haven’t had time to take pictures of everything and blog about them (in addition to everything with the pregnancy, I’ve been preparing my taxes, planning two wedding showers etc etc) but I will soon – stay tuned!

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Kristen says:

So glad to know the twins and you are doing well. Hope you like the place. 4 sounds like a great number of doctors. I did a midwife practice with 3 and definitely knew them all and was comfortable with whoever showed up on game day. I’m sure you’ll have even more appointments and they will be with all of them.

Random side note, are you going to do maternity pics?

Susan says:

So happy to hear everything is okay with you and the babies. I hope the Englewood OB practice proves to be a great fit for you…if not, you might want to consider the midwifery practice at Beth Israel Medical Center. Manhattan is a bit of a haul, but my experience with the midwives there was fabulous. Good luck with the genetic testing. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way!

Abigail says:

Glad to hear you and the babies are doing well. Finding a good OB can be so difficult. Have you tried asking for recommendations from doulas in your area? When I was looking for an OB that’s what I did and I found a really great practice from her recommendation. Just a thought.

Laura says:

When I was pregnant with my twins I worried so much about the NICU/pre-term labor and how they would be delivered. I was lucky that my ob from my first 2 kids had experience delivering twins every way imaginable and was fine with trying as long as baby A was head down. I was able to avoid a c-section and thankfully both my babies ended up being fine but it was the most amazing/ scary thing I had ever experienced. Here is the detailed story:

Nina says:

Oh man that sounds like a lot of work, but the end result is definitely worth it. Glad you found a good hospital and practice. Jill is right, Jasper looks so grown in that picture!

GayleV says:

I love goggles on kids! Super cute picture! Very excited for you and your pending arrivals!!

ariana says:

It IS frustrating :( I didn’t even mention the hell that I’ve been through trying to get my medical records! Two hospitals, one OB practice, one midwife practice and the fertility clinic – scattered to the ends of the earth!

courtney says:

hey ariana! i swear your post sounded like me when PG w the boys! email me with any questions … from the delivery to the screening. seriously. it sounded like me :)

ariana says:

Courtney, I WILL email you, thanks!!

Ugh. That hospital situation sounds very frustrating. So glad you found a good compromise! Jasper looks SO OLD in that picture!