I may be having a baby dinosaur…

For those of you who have been following along with my IVF journey (thank you!) it will be a long 8 days or so before I will know if any of the embryos found a home for 9 months. So I’m happy to report that we will be back with our regularly scheduled programming (photography!) starting later today.

But, I did want to write briefly about the transfer itself..

Out of the laundry list of procedures I’ve had done, this one doesn’t rate as particularly eventful, other than that it has to be done on a “full bladder” which makes it easier for them to view the placement of the embryos via sonography.  The problem with full bladder is that it has to be full, but not TOO full that you can’t tolerate them pushing down pretty hard on your stomach with the sonography wand and then lying supine in the recovery room for 20 minutes. It’s always some little fun twist like this just to keep it interesting.

The transfer of the embryos themselves is done via a catheter inserted through the cervix right into the uterus which in theory is not painful (no anesthesia) but in practice I felt QUITE a pinch when the catheter passed through the cervix (OUCH!) which I’d never felt with my IUIs. Not sure if the catheter is larger for embryos or if the Dr. doing the transfer is just less gentle than my regular Dr. but anyway, it was over in a minute and I got to watch onscreen as SOMETHING happening in the petri dish.

It was all very scifi and surreal and I honestly didn’t even know what I was looking at half the time except when they first showed me our three embryos and then made me identify our names on the petri dish plate.

After it was over (a few minutes) one of the embryologists came out and gave me a photo of our little embryos.  I guess I’d better post it in case it’s the closest thing we ever have to baby #2!


I’m not 100% positive but I’m pretty sure that the one in the center is the “textbook excellent” 8 cell embryo and the one on the left is the “very good” 9 cell embyro. And then there’s the wonky dividing too quickly messy looking guy on the right..I think so anyway. I’m no expert!

After leaving the clinic I went home for a bit and picked up Jasper from preschool. On our way home he asked me what I did at work that day..

So I told him that I didn’t go to work because I went to the “baby doctor” to which he asked, as he always does, if he gave us a baby yet.

I don’t know WHY I decided to go into this much detail (blame it on the fake hormones) but I told him that today he put two eggs inside mommy, kind of like how dinosaurs come from eggs and if we are really lucky they will hatch into babies (OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?)

Now Jasper thinks that maybe mommy is going to have baby dinosaurs.

Then he asked how the doctor got them in there.


I tried to be vague, but “through mommy’s belly” didn’t cut it so I told him it went through my belly button. He seemed to accept that as a reasonable method of entry and stopped asking questions.

Yeah, this poor kid is going to be ALL sorts of confused.  And you thought the REGULAR birds and bees discussion was going to be hard – try adding IVF in the mix!

So, fingers crossed in a week or so we’ll get some good news that maybe one of those “eggs” decided to hatch and become a baby. Or a dinosaur.

Whatever, I’m not too picky at this point.


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Jamie says:

Hooray!I am so excited for you all. I have followed your blog for some years. My youngest daughter is Jaspers age its fun to watch him grow. I love your work I follow the blog and you on ILP also,I’m Fatima on ILP. If I’m not talking Photography,then its birth so yippy on both!

Anne Yeh says:

Crossing my fingers for you! xoxo

OMG, your post made me laugh so hard! Good luck — I hope your IVF is successful. I can’t imagine how emotional it is and how difficult it is to wait!

Cole says:

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!

I am sooo excited to hear that the transfer went well. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next report! Hope you are feeling well and thank you for sharing all you have! Good luck and God Bless!!

Michele says:

Freakin’ awesome! Love that they gave you a photo. Baby Dino’s going to have a baby picture timeline unlike any other. Can’t wait for next week’s news!

vikki says:

Ariana I am so hoping you end up with twins like me! I am in tears everyday reading your ivf journey. Praying so hard for you that these little dino’s stick!

SB says:

I’m shocked they transferred three embryos. GOOD LUCK!

My husband and I have found that telling your children the truth about things (death, birth, conception, etc.) is well worth it. No need to tap dance around what life really has to offer.

Love following the IVF story…glad you are public about it…I kept mine a secret from everyone.

dana says:

have been following your journey. may you have an adorable baby dino on the way! sending you all the hope and peace and good news the universe has to offer. Lots of love!

Lourdes says:

Add me to your cheering section – go baby dinosaurs go!

heartartz says:

Could you have 2? or 3?

abi says:

haha – the baby dinosaur and belly button part! Praying that things go well for you and that the IVF is successful!

Kristy says:

We are cheering for you and a new little friend (or two?!!)for Reese! C’mon baby!

Bethany A says:

Those are some good looking embryos! I am anxiously awaiting your results!! Sending you good luck!

jbhat says:

Ariana, I am literally on the edge of my seat as I read this good news. Loving the dinosaur analogy.

Still crossing all of everything for you for continued good luck!


Nina says:

That will be a good story to add to a journal for when Jasper gets older! Crossing everything that is possible that in 8 days you will have a baby or two growing! :)

Carlise says:

Oh wow, Ariana!! I don’t know why but this post and your journey has me in tears, happy tears of course!! I’ve been going through my own bout of crazy stress (not baby related) and to see some happiness happen for someone else has me jumping for joy!! Sending prayers for a strong, successful and happy ‘attachment’…and THANK YOU for my happy tears!!

ariana says:

Thanks Susan!

Ava, that’s too funny about your nephew! Those plush sperm are hilarious! I can’t believe they come in a petri dish LOL.

Thank you so much Amber – your photography is so beautiful, and so are you (I saw your family Christmas card!)and HUGE congrats on your pregnancy!! Twin girls – those are going to be some fun photoshoots! :)

Amber Fox says:

Hey Ariana! I am so excited that you did IVF! I am a big fan of your products, but don’t check your blog as often as I should. :( I saw your post show up in my FB feed and when I saw the words IVF in it, I smiled. I pray that your embryos stick! I recently went thru the whole process myself, shots and all, and we are now pregnant with twins. I know that the bed rest is hard for you right now, the waiting and uncertainty, but hopefully it will work for you. If you ever need any advice about the process, or want someone to complain to who understands, or if you have questions about what something feels like, you can always email me or even call. I feel like God allowed me to go thru this, so I can help other mommies. I will pray for some extra grace for you during this very anxious time. Oh, I hope it works!!!!

Ava says:

Our nephew acclaimed that “Aunt Ava laid 8 eggs!” Hi! I’m the new chicken ;p
Don’t stress it too much — there’s really only so much you can do at this age. But I swear there was a book out there someone had mentioned explaining IVF to kids. I just can’t find it.
And hey, if you’re still struggling, you can always re-enact how it works with puppet theater (http://gnluv.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/puppet-theatre/) ;p

I love embie pics. One (or all of these) can be your kids. It’s their very first photo!

Susan says:

A very big good luck Ariana! Sending lots of love and light your way!