It’s Very Hard to Do

CD3, first day of meds for IVF cycle

At my parents’ new year’s eve party Jasper told my friend Janaki  “Mommy hasn’t gotten me a baby sister yet. It’s very hard to do.”

Yes baby, it is.

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Jamie says:

Wow, well good luck. It can be a mix of excitement and worry..wishing yours to be a 99 to 1% mix. 99 of the excitement.

Erika says:

I have been following your blog ever since I googled a particular camera lens I was thinking of buying. A link for your blog showed up. Then I looked at your photos and thought wow she’s is good! On top of that you had all these tutorials on editing, umm thank you! This is my first time commenting. Best of luck, love and prayers on IVF. I know of a lot of successful IVF stories and I can’t wait to hear about yours. Hang in there Mama.

Farah says:

Best of luck Ariana! Hope all goes well! : )

Yvonne says:

fingers crossed!!!!

Jane says:

Praying that it happens quickly from here on out. Best wishes!

Bethany A says:

I wish you all the luck – we did IVF two years ago. I found your blog then, when we started with IUI and then eventually had to turn to IVF. Your blog was a huge inspiration for me – and gave me hope when you had Jasper. Sending you strength and best wishes!

Cathy says:

Hi, Ariana. I don’t believe I’ve ever commented before, but I’ve been following your blog for quite some time. I always find your photo tips super helpful and it’s about time I gave a great big THANK YOU! :) Also wanted to send my thoughts and prayers your way as you venture through this cycle. My husband and I did IVF, too, and it was in no way easy physically or emotionally. I’ll leave you with my TTC blog from a few years ago in case you happen to find something helpful: Happy to lend any support I can. Hugs! ~Cathy

jbhat says:

Jasper! So cute. I wish you all kinds of success.


Brenna says:

Best of luck, Ariana! Sending good thoughts and hope your way.

Mama Smith says:

Wow seeing all that medication definately brings it home. We had a tough time getting and staying pregnant but ultimately did get lucky and make it work naturally. It was so emotionally draining but when I see that big pile of meds and think about the expense it makes me realize how lucky we were. Good luck – this is the one!

Laura says:

It is very hard to do – i am with ya sister! Best of luck!!

jen says:

Ok, so that wasn’t terribly clear. I wish a better response, but the same outcome :)

jen says:

It is so much harder than it should be.
From that photo, it looks like you’re on a similar drug protocol to the one I followed in October. I had a not-so-great (and slow) response, poor fertilization, and did an elective single embryo transfer. I’m 13 weeks today and just had a good NT scan this afternoon. I wish you the same the same good luck!

Cheryl says:

Best wishes. I have been down that path. I wish I had seen this sooner. We just donated 3 gonal f pens and 4 boxes of menopur to our doctor’s office, I would have loved to have sent them to someone that could use them.

ariana says:

Cheryl, we used every last cent of my infertlity RX coverage (just maxed out the lifetime limit) so thankfully the meds were covered. Glad yours are probably going to someone who really needs them!!

Suzette says:

Good luck!!!!

ariana says:

Thanks for all the well wishes! Shane, so true!

Shane says:

Isn’t it crazy all those meds fit in a box that’s BIGGER than a baby!

Nina says:

Good luck and sending lots of babydust as well!!

holly says:

Wishing you the best and a fingers crossed for a new bean in your life!

Ava says:

Good luck, Ari!

HamiHarri says:


anne laney says:

that is A LOT! damn girl. wishing you the best! babydust!!