Jumping on the Elf on the Shelf Bandwagon

Our elf on the shelf "Sparkle"

Meet “Sparkle” our new Elf on the Shelf (I was quite proud when Jasper came up with that name all by himself!)

I held out as long as I could against the tide of Elf on the Shelf status updates and images flooding my facebook and Pinterest feeds, because let’s face it, he’s kinda creepy.

But, in the end, I’m a sucker for anything that can be construed as a family tradition. Plus, the potential for behavior control that this little spy Elf can wield was too tempting to ignore.

I’m happy to report that it’s been working so far!

Here are some exchanges from just this morning, our first full day with Sparkle watching from his perch on the radiator cover:

Jasper (shaking a box of uncooked noodles in my face): Maaaaaawm, I want NOOODLES for breakfast!”

Me: “Jasper, stop whining – Sparkle can hear you- Santa doesn’t like whining!”

Jasper: (Getting into his car-seat really fast, which happens about .000001 % of the time)

Me: “Jasper, what a good boy for getting into your carseat so fast, I think Sparkle saw that!!”

etc etc.

Other benefits of ownership include the ability to enter into Jill’s Inappropriate Elf contest. I’m still brainstorming for my entry..

My only concern with this whole Elf on the Shelf business is what happens on Christmas day when the Elves are supposed to disappear and go back to the North pole to be with Santa until next year?  Will the entire population of American children act out simultaneously now that there is no threat of bad reports to Santa to be taken into consideration?  Hmmmmmm.

Have you caved into the Elf mania yet?  If so, I’d love to hear if it’s been keeping your kids on the nice list.  And just for fun, let’s hear your Elf names!

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Mama Smith says:

This isn’t about an elf as my kid is too young and I’m too clueless to know about the elf madness! I just noticed on your flickr stream that you have a photo of Jasper (with the lense on his head) wearing a t-shirt with an AC/DC tie. It’s super cool and cuter than similar one’s I’ve seen. Do you remember where you got it? Thanks and good luck with Sprinkle :)

kim says:

Our elf’s name is Joel. Peyton named him. I was impressed. Having him around doesn’t seem to make her behave any differently. She likes looking for him each morning, but beyond that she isn’t super impressed.

Melissa M. says:

Our elf, Lil’ Red, has been with us four years.

Carolyn says:

I also caved in and bought it for my 2.5 year old. She’s loving it, looking for him every morning. I’ve posted a few shots on my blog. Our elf’s name is Noah :)

Lindsey says:

Ben named our elf Berry (as in Strawberry). I was pretty impressed. Otherwise I’m not sure he quite understands the whole concept. We are working on it!

ariana says:

LOVE the names!

I don’t think Jasper has really ever given anything a proper name before (well, if Sparkle qualifies as proper!) as evidenced by Bear being ‘bear’ etc. so I thought it was a milestone of sorts :)

Kimberly says:

We started last year… James named our elf “Twisty.” Haha! I have no idea how or why, but I think it’s cute. :) Have fun!

pam says:

i caved this year too. i got one about a week ago, and the boys named him Maury-Frank. no idea where that came from. so far their behavior hasn’t changed much, but they have fun finding him every day.