A Hanukkah Party for the Motley Jews

Growing up, we lived 5 minutes from my parents’ closest friends the Kagels.  While much has changed in the past 20 years or so since then, we still manage to celebrate Holidays together almost every year.

Last night my mom threw a little Hanukkah party. I use the word Hanukkah a bit loosely, it was more of a Latka eating party and an excuse to get together with the Kagel clan before my sister heads back to LA..

But we did light the Menorah and ATTEMPT to sing the prayer.. but it kind of went like this:

I will post the same disclaimer that I posted on Facebook when I uploaded this video there:

A) I am aware that it’s not even Hanukkah yet, let alone the last night and

B) None of us really know all the words to the prayer and

C) You think that’s bad? You should have heard what came next: Jeff Falerni leading us all in a group sing-along of Adam Sandler Hanukkah song!

But, you can’t expect too much from our Motely crew of Jews, who are mostly not even Jewish, or if they are they are half (and not the half that counts!) or  identify as either Hindu or Buddhist, agnostic or Athiest.. but we all understand the value of family and tradition and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

For Jasper it was a particularly special day because Auntie Roxy and her dog Ludlow came to the party AND stayed at our house last night.  Jasper fell asleep an exhausted and happy boy while Auntie Roxy read him “The Night before Christmas” (just to further continue the religious smorgasbord!)

He was so excited when I told him this morning that she was upstairs sleeping.. you should have seen his eyes light up!  Nothing like the Holidays to make you realize the importance of family -I’m glad even the youngest member of ours is catching on to that idea already.

Happy (early) Hanukkah!

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jbhat says:

What fun! This cracked me up and warmmed my heart. Family IS the most important thing, especially when family involves the pretty visiting aunts (for my kiddos too). I’m glad Jasper knows this. But all the Xmas traditions, as kooky as they can be, are important too.


ariana says:

Hi Melissa,
By ethnicity, yes – though I’m agnostic philosophically. Jeff is half-jewish, but on his dad’s side. So Jasper is almost 3/4rs? Luckily for him, we celebrate Christmas as well (we did even in my Jewish family LOL!) so he’s got the best of all worlds.

Melissa says:

What a nice tradition! Are you one of the Jewish ones?