Let’s Make a Holiday Gift List!

As some of you long time readers know, every year I compile a list of holiday gift ideas and every year I ask for YOUR ideas to help me make it as comprehensive as I can!

Answer any or all of the following and I will take your ideas and mine and try to get something decent together to post next week. Still PLENTY of time to get Amazon delivery before Christmas right? Right!

1) What is your child’s FAVORITE toy right now (and your child’s gender and age).

2) What do YOU want for christmas?

3) What does your spouse want for christmas and or

4) What are you actually GETTING your spouse for christmas?

I apologize that this is Christmas centric, but let’s face it I’ve already missed the boat on Hanukkah :-)

I look forward to seeing your ideas!

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AmandaG says:

1. Joaquin will be three next month and right now he loves playing with cars, airplanes and dinosaurs. He has many Matchbox cars and the like, strewn about the house and our cars. We haven’t decided what we’ll get him other than a tricycle (or a pedal-less bike).

2. I asked for a few things, a Coach wristlet, a necklace. Nothing in particular that I’m really yearning for.

3. He asked for a bunch of things for his car, shoes and a pen that records what you write and audio that is being said at the time it was written, then connects to your computer.

4. I’m getting him the pen, but still not sure what else.

Kimberly says:

1. James (3.5) is all about trains and Disney Cars…. and ALL he can talk about is how he wants a train table for Christmas…. he’s getting it and I can’t wait to see his face! I’ve also been considering a LeapPad, but they’re sold out everywhere. Matthew (13 months) likes anything he can put into containers and dump out (shape sorters, wood blocks, etc.), and he also loves this very cool Oball Push Roller toy he got for his birthday http://www.amazon.com/Rhino-Toys-Oball-Roller-colors/dp/B0046HA7RY

2. I really have no idea. 100 million dollars? ;-) I still really want Lightroom but I’m not asking for it…

3. Wahoo, I no longer have a spouse to buy for!!! He was the MOST impossible person in the world to buy for. Never happy with anything.

4. See above. Wahoo!!!

Amy says:

1) Anything that makes music. Mostly a little Christmas dog that sings “Mamacita, donde esta Santa Claus”. He loves to dance! He is 10 months old.
2) a Kuerig coffee maker.
3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! (against better judgment) :)

Jennifer says:

1) What is your child’s FAVORITE toy right now (and your child’s gender and age). Henry (15 month old boy) is obsessed with this Fisher-Price Ring Stacker.
(http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Brilliant-Basics-Classical-Stacker/dp/B0001AEZTG) Long before he knew how to put the rings on, he “hacked” it by figuring out how to make the music play. He is now finally into putting the rings on as intended.

2) What do YOU want for christmas? An iPhone, a weekend getaway, giftcards to go shopping

3) What does your spouse want for christmas? A new computer, an iPhone

4) What are you actually GETTING your spouse for christmas? I arranged it so several family members are contributing to a new laptop. I’m getting him voice recognition software so he will stop typing with two fingers and taking twenty minutes to type a two sentence email. And I got him boring things like boxers, a belt, etc…

Liz says:

1. My 26 month old boy will be getting the Melissa and Doug wooden train set – he is obsessed with trucks, trains, and fire trucks. Got the set for a steal on One Kings Lane.
2. Thinking there is going to be Frye boots under the tree for me.
3. a Macbook air
4. an iphone instead :)

Heather says:

1. My son 3-3/4 looooovvvesss his Spiderman costume(s). He has worn it every day since Sept. 6th (I just found the receipt when I bought it. We’re on our second now, and it’s foul, but well loved!

2. Me? Red hunter boots (no one knows)

3. An iPad

4. Not sure yet? A trip to LA to see his nieces? Jeans? Hmmmm

Susan says:

So excited about the Holiday Gift List (as you already know! haha!). OK, here goes!

1) Zooey, who is 18 months, LOVES her fisher price learning piggy bank. LOVES IT. Violet, who is 3 1/2, loves any and all dress up clothes. That said, for christmas, I got Zooey the Radio Flyer – Flyer 500 and Violet a kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse for their “big” presents.

2) I want gift certificates to Anthropologie.

3) Bose ipod doc and speakers

4) Book embosser from Neiman Marcus (he hates the electronic book movement. haha!) http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Library-Embosser-Stationery/prod88840113/

Once again, I can’t wait for the list! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fiona says:

forgot to say, sat Christmas my Naomi will be 2 years 5 weeks. x

Fiona says:

1. Naomi’s favourite toy(s) right now is a bucket from the beach in Spain filled with a selection of about 25 bouncy balls (all different colours). She takes then EVERYWHERE with her, pushes them in her kiddy pushchair (stroller), counts them, talks to them, tells me and asks me about the colours etc….she. is. obsessed.

2. I want a. a Sewing Machine + b. time to use it (I won’t get b. so there is not point in getting a.) Other than that I am running out of Clarins Eau Dynamisante so would like some more of that….scent is timeless, so fresh…..

3. My spouse never tells me what he wants for xmas until I push him very hard last minute. Usually mac software of some description.

4. See 3.

Fiona x

Jill says:

1) What is your child’s FAVORITE toy right now (and your child’s gender and age).

Mahattan Toy Whoozit.

2) What do YOU want for christmas?

I wanted a new lens for my Nikon and Santa already delivered it to our house. (Now, if I could just have someone train me on how to use it, that would be fantastic!) Aside from that, I just want to be home with my family. All together.

3) What does your spouse want for christmas and or

He wants gift cards for things that he wants to pick out.

4) What are you actually GETTING your spouse for christmas?

I got him a medium weigh North Face jacket that he’s talked about buying for years. He loves it because Santa already delivered that too!

Kristy says:

I am got my 3.5 year old a hot wheels race track. Any matchbox car can be used on it. I imagine that will be his most exciting gift. He is also into the Geo Tracks trains so we got him some pieces for that… and a few Lego sets. I would like to get him a Lego table, but I think I will wait until his birthday for that.

My 9 year old wants these things called Bey Blades… which my 3 year old loves too. They are spinning tops, and its one of the few toys that BOTH kids enjoy together.

My almost 1 year old has everything that her older brother had, so she is a bit tricky. I got her a “stroller” that doubles as a walking toy and a soft doll…

I would really like a nice camera, but hubbs doesn’t know this. I have NO IDEA what to get for him.

Happy Holidays, hope to see you soon!

1. My daughter(age 7) really wants a leapfrog explorer but they are sold out everywhere so we got the VTech Innotab and it turns out the Innotab is better for her age because it has a video player and an MP3 player. My son (age 2.5) anything Cars.
2. Kindle Fire
3. He never tells me what he wants
4. iphone

Laura says:

1. Fisher Price Laugh ‘n’ Learn Learning Piggy Bank , 16 months boy.
2. Nikon d7000!
3. Beer kit for the home brewer (he has the set up already from last Christmas)
4. see 3.

jbhat says:

1) 6.5 year old boy: anything having to do with that British show, Top Gear. Preferably a Ferrari :)
26 month old: she is too little to have expressed preferences, but is getting a doll house and a necklace. She will love these. She is very excited to sit on Santa’s lap.
2) Jo Malone Fig and Cassis fragrance.
3) He wants tickets to go hear Woody Allen’s New Orlean’s jazz band.
4) I am getting my husband a pair of Land’s End Canvas slim cut jeans in the dark rinse. He has the medium wash and looks awfully cute in them. The darker pair will be good too.


ariana says:

Amy, the fact that my mom is having a Hannukah party this Sunday threw me off! And, you can’t get off that easy.. what are your sons’ favorite toys right now?

anne laney says:

1) quadrilla marble set he will be three in a month and boy.
2) le creuset skillet
3) $1,000,000 wish i was kidding lol but honestly he wants socks and shirts. yeah boring.
4) harry potter (all of the dvds since it’s once of his favorites and he keeps renting and filling up our dvr with sub par harry potter movies)

Amy says:

you haven’t really missed the boat on chanukah – the first night isn’t until dec. 20 this year (just fyi). i’m afraid i’m not too much help with the list though as i’m still stuck myself. looking forward to seeing what your readers come up with. :)