Playing with a 14mm

Hello again, sorry for the scarcity of new posts. So much is going on right now that it might actually be impossible to catch up. Big things.. things like we bought a new house!!!!! Well we are under contract anyway, hopefully there are no nasty surprises with the remaining details and if all goes well we will be moving in February 1st!  A giganto post about that will coming soon – so excited!

In other news, I am sick – been sick since.. dunno, it feels like forever.  It started with Jasper of course, and despite that he has a double EI from it, he’s doing fine (he seems to often have a double EI that doesn’t bother him so we just keep an eye on it.) I on the other hand, feel like crapola.  After 4 days of my throat feeling like it was on fire I finally went to the Dr where they told me that this virus that’s going around just lingers forever.. no kidding.

It really wouldn’t be so bad except for the icing on the cake which came in the form of conjunctivitis – in BOTH eyes. Yep, I’m a walking leper at the moment. Sigh. The joys of having a child in daycare.

Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to even slow down much because I’m still dealing with the aftermath of an extremely busy fall season photography wise.  Most of the editing and sales sessions are done (thank god!) but I am still in the midst of ordering, putting together albums, designing mini accordions etc. etc.  (I always forget/underestimate JUST how much work goes into each and every session.)

I do want to blog about some of those sessions but for right now, I want to share some images from the 14mm 2.8 L!

Remember my post about Canon CPS and how you can borrow any lens for free to evaluate it?  Yes, well I recently took advantage of that offer and borrowed the 14mm 2.8 L.  I arranged to have it arrive so that I could use it for an indoor lifestyle session I had planned with one of the families from Jasper’s daycare.  They have the perfect house for a lifestyle shoot, but in the end, the shoot was scheduled for yesterday and a) I couldn’t have shot in their house due to my pink eye and b) it was almost 60 degrees so it seemed foolish not to do an outdoor shoot.

So in the end I only ended up using the lens to take a few snapshots in Nyack (the town where we will be moving to if all goes well!) It was midday, my least favorite time to shoot so please excuse the lighting!

First up, we stopped at Jasper’s favorite park to feed the ducks and take a walk along the stones by the Hudson:


Scenic landscapes like these are what a wide angle is MADE for. If I lived and shot at a beach often I would for sure need to own this lens. Wide angle beach shots are always so stunning.

Next we stopped for ice cream – it was yet another unseasonably warm weekend so we were able to eat outside and take in the street scene. It was very cool to be able to stand so close to my subjects and get so much of the scene in the frame!


Getting close up is a little tricky because of the distortion, but it can also be really fun too. And when else can you sit RIGHT NEXT to your subject and still be able to shoot them?



Next stop was this brick wall that I’ve been just WAITING for the right client to shoot in front of.. The great thing about shooting this with a wide angle is that I was right up on the curb. With most/any of my other lenses I would have either had to back up into the street (obviously not good!) or across the street, which would have meant shooting in between the cars as they went by.  I love that I was able to get so much of the wall in the shot and still be so close to the subjects.



I really thought that at my outdoor shoot last night I would have been able to use it for the silhouette, but in the end I went with my Tamron 28-75 because the wide angle was actually getting TOO much shrubbery and distracting elements in the frame.

So, would I buy this lens?  Probably not at this time.. but if I lived and shot regularly at a beach or the desert or some crazy amazing landscape the answer would definitely be yes. Also if I shot weddings and wanted to get a wide view of say the whole reception it would be invaluable. But for me, I think I would add the 35L to my aresenal first. I don’t have a low light lens for indoors other than my 50mm which can sometimes be too tight indoors even on a full frame.

But, it was a lot of fun testing it out!


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jbhat says:

Ahh, a new Becoming Home!! So excited. Hope all the last details go well and that you can tell us all about it soon.

Feel better. I had that cold….for a MONTH!


Mama Smith says:

I’ve been silently reading your blog for a few months now and I’m so excited for your new house and (hopefully) lots of blogging about the design of Jasper’s new room- I’m a big fan of his nursery and you guys have great style in general. All the photos are amazing- as usual.

Fiona says:

Hi again

Hope you didn’t think I was being rude….I just love your blog….I always await your posts with anticipation…..

Fiona x

Cole says:

Congratulations on the house! We love Nyack, too – Mommy and Daddy got married at the Seaport, and took their engagement pics around town… For the pink eye, Mommy swears by putting a few drops of saline solution in your eye (just contact lens cleaner) a few times a day – it stings a tiny bit, but wipes the infection out in no time!

ariana says:

@Nina, I totally forgot to blog about his big haircut.. whoops! Yeah, it looks cute, though I do miss the long locks sometimes. But he was starting to look like the Greatest American Hero..not a good thing LOL!

@Fiona, I have so many great posts lined up.. just so little time. But I’m committed to trying harder to make time!

@Marissa, there tends to be a lot of distortion at the edges of really wide angle lenses, which is an odd thing, because we are so used to “not centering our subjects” so it’s odd to learn to not do that.. it doesn’t make a huge difference though if you are farther away from your subject like I was in the first image. The distortion is REALLY noticeable when you are very close!

Marisa says:

Perfect timing! I just purchased a 20mm (for my crop sensor) and the wide angle is so foreign to me that it’s taking me some time to get used to it. I think I need to fight my instinct to place my subject off center. Center subjects with the wide angle look awesome! I love the shot of your two guys on the bench. Thanks for sharing!

Fiona says:


I’ve been waiting for a new post for AGES. You sound busy, great for business, bad for your health it would seem.

Lens produces great photos. Especially like the first photo.

Good luck with your house move. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Fiona x

Nina says:

I love Jasper’s haircut!The one of the boys on the bench is to die for. You might not have a need for it, but you sure did rock it!:)